The perfect booking system? This is possible!


Do you know this feeling when you accept a phone reservation, 2 e-mail and 1 personal booking at the same time, from a customer who wants to return to your accommodation? How do you deal with it? Although the technology is moving forward and I don’t think anyone can imagine working with bookings in notebooks and on cards anymore, it’s still hard to find ideal booking system… A booking system that will be perfectly integrated with all communication channels with customers,will not allow for write-in mirroring and will be available to many people at the same time.


As SPACE ADS, we create 100% booking modules tailored to your expectations. Do you want the system to look consistent with the visual identity of your object? Need a tool that will have many custom options? We do it every day! Our goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction. We will work closely with you at every stage of the project. We want every tool we put into the client’s hands to be 100% refined and constantly generate new bookings!


The booking calendars we create are fully integrated into the online payment module, email notifications or SMS. All this so that your guests feel as best taken care of and have a positive feeling before they arrive at your property. Remember that most often it is nuances that build an image – bad opinion is very difficult to turn into neutral, while good you can quickly lose …


Thanks to the fact that we provide comprehensive services for business,we can support you not only in the creation of booking systems,but also in the promotion of your accommodation facility and increasing traffic on your website. There are many ways to support sales in the hospitality industry. Remarketing with Google Ads or FB Ads is just one of them. See what we can offer you.


A simple and intuitive booking system will make life easier not only for you and your employees, but above all to your guests. See how much you can gain with SPACE ADS support!


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