CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization


What is online store conversion? In the simplest terms – this is the exact reaction of the user to a given advertisement. In most cases this is a purchase. Conversion rate is an indicator determining the effectiveness of advertising by calculating the percentage of people who “properly” responded to it.

Optimization of the conversion rate is crucial for any business carried out on the Web. After all, everyone wants to increase sales, and thus – increase the company’s revenues. We are well aware of this, which is why we deal with it comprehensively.

We run tests to increase sales in online stores. Importantly – we are not limited to two variants (A / B tests). We are testing more options (A / B / n tests) – all to optimize the conversion to the best extent. We study over 100 different factors affecting sales in a web store. Thanks to this, we know perfectly well how your website visitors behave and what can be improved so that sales close more often. We respond to all the problems faced by users of your online store. Thanks to this, we achieve such spectacular successes in increasing sales.

We take all of the most important factors into account when optimizing your conversion rate. We analyze all content on the website in terms of its uniqueness, attractiveness to users and the use of keywords. In addition, we look at graphics and photos available on the website, as well as call to action. We follow the entire shopping process of users – from their appearance in the store until leaving the site. Thanks to this, we know exactly where to improve or change something. Increasing the user experience significantly affects sales in the store, and thus – the conversion rate.

If you do not have time for such accurate conversion tracking and purchasing process of your customers, please contact us. We will carry out all necessary actions and you will receive detailed recommendations regarding changes on the store’s website. Often, the nuances determine the finalization of sales. The more it is worth entrusting the conversion rate optimization to professionals and focus on other key tasks yourself.