Boosting Conversion Rate for Maximum Revenue Generation


What is online store conversion? In its simplest term – it is considered to be the exact reaction of the user to a given advertisement. In most cases this is considered to be a purchase. Conversion rate is an indicator determining the effectiveness of advertising by calculating the percentage of people who respond to it.


Optimizing conversion rate is crucial for any business on the Web. After all, everyone wants to increase sales and, consequently, boost company revenues. Being well aware of this fact helps us to comprehensively deal with this particular aspect.


We run tests to increase sales on online stores. Most importantly – we are not restricted to dealing with just two variants (A / B tests). We run more tests (A / B / n tests) on different parameters- to optimize conversion as much as possible. We study over 100 different factors affecting sales of a web store. Our strategic approach helps us to attain insights pertaining to behavior of your website’s visitors and parameters to ensure greater percentage of sales closures. We respond to all the problems faced by users of your online store. This helps us achieve spectacular success in boosting sales.


We consider all important factors while optimizing conversion rates. Also, we analyze all content on the website in terms of its uniqueness, attractiveness to users and the use of keywords. In addition, we take care of graphics and photos available on the website alongside focusing on call to action. We follow the entire purchasing process of users – from their appearance on the store till the time they leave the website. As a result we know exactly where to improve or make necessary changes to particular page content. Enhancing the user experience significantly affects sales, and thus – the conversion rate.


If you do not have time for accurate conversion tracking and purchasing process of your customers, please contact us. We will carry out all necessary actions and you will receive detailed recommendations regarding changes that need to be made on your online store. Often, such aspects determine the finalization of sales. The more you entrust us with such elementary aspects of conversion rate optimization the better it will be for you to focus on other business operations.


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