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Digital Marketing is an activity undertaken using various advertising possibilities and channels. Take advantage of training that’s dedicated to your company and you will be guaranteed that they will bring results. An individualised approach to the client is our hallmark. Find out why it’s worth taking advantage of closed-door training in digital marketing with our team today!

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    Digital marketing closed seminars – why you should take advantage of this great opportunity

    Our training programmes are always designed with the client for whom we deliver them in mind. As such, you are guaranteed that we’ll be able to address any concerns you may have about digital marketing, and we will take into account the specifics of your industry and business. The training that we organise is perfect if your company already conducts in-house activities for online marketing, is currently working with an agency that specialises in this field, or is just about to start campaigns.

    We carry out closed-door training for companies both online and in-house. At the very beginning of cooperation with our clients, we carry out a fully thorough needs diagnosis.

    All of our dedicated digital marketing training sessions are conducted by us. They offer a perfect solution when:

    • your company lacks someone who expertly deals with Digital Marketing
    • you want to broaden the competence of your employees responsible for digital marketing,
    • you want to improve your collaboration with an agency responsible for online marketing activities,
    • you want to be able to better verify the activities of the agency with which your company cooperates.

    Remember, your company needs digital marketing training to win versus the industry competition. We train you in marketing on rapidly growing channels via:

    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • TikTok Ads
    • SEO
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    Space Ads - wygrana w rankingach na najlepszą agencję reklamową

    For all of the aforementioned advertising channels, we are both practitioners and excellent teachers. Our training simply makes an impact!

    Dedicated digital Marketing training – who needs it?

    Our specialist digital marketing training sessions can be attended by:

    • managerial employees and CEOs
    • business owners
    • employees of companies and marketing departments
    • individuals who have just started working in digital marketing

    In all four cases, closed training offers an opportunity to develop personal competencies, broaden horizons, and increase sales along with the number of clients.

    Our closed training is dedicated to individual clients’ needs and takes the form of online meetings or training in person at the company’s headquarters.

    Closed training – work stages

    At the very beginning of our cooperation, we conduct an in-depth analysis of our clients’ needs; then, we verify the level of our clients’ current knowledge in order to deliver a uniquely tailored and developed training programme. Your brand will benefit from this approach, and all of our trainers here at the Space Ads agency holds a vast amount of experience. As such, you will get the most out of the time and money spent on training your employees. We focus mainly on the fruits of cooperation; your success after the training’s completion is also our success.

    At a further stage, we can also carry out a detailed training programme and our experts draw on the materials as well as our knowledge of your brand. Thanks to this, there will be no problems with instantly implementing what you have learned during the training. During the closed-door training in digital marketing, we will identify the best marketing solutions using your brand as an example.

    At the end of the training, you will receive all materials which will allow you to retain the acquired knowledge and skills for a longer time, and all training participants will also receive certificates confirming the acquired competencies.

    Digital marketing training – basic and extended level

    Our digital marketing training is tailor-made for our clients every time. Depending on the needs of your company, we can prepare a basic training programme or a more extended programme.

    At the basic level, training participants learn all secrets of basic digital marketing from the very beginning. Thanks to this, you can implement advertising activities even for people who have never dealt with it.

    Meanwhile, our extended level course may be useful when you want the person responsible for thorough Internet marketing in your company and need them to become a real expert.

    Dedicated training – what does it include?

    Our training courses are individually designed to meet the needs of specific clients. As such, we can focus more on one of many areas. We impart knowledge and skills on a wide range of topics.

    Google Ads

    In every company, at least one person should be familiar with Google Ads. Participants of our closed training can use the knowledge of Digital Marketing experts to:

    • get to know the Google Ads advertising platform
    • increase returns on investment in advertising
    • learn how to exploit the potential of the advertising network and the Google search engine.

    TikTok Ads

    TikTok is developing at a massively rapid pace. There is a huge amount of interest in the mobile application in our country, and this has allowed more and more companies to promote themselves on it. Come to our closed training, and you will learn:

    • how to create and optimise an account
    • the rules of increasing the popularity of an account
    • how to create viral content
    • how to create the best advertising formats and paid campaigns
    • how to check statistics, videos of people watching, and their activity.

    Social Media Marketing

    Decisive and professional actions in Social Media are a guarantee of increased brand awareness and sales. Therefore, you will learn to:

    • plan, create, and publish content
    • analyse actions taken
    • develop a reliable digital marketing strategy
    • run effective image and advertising campaigns.

    Facebook Ads

    By taking advantage of our Facebook Ads closed-door training, you are guaranteed a wealth of knowledge. So, if you’re planning to run an advertising campaign on Facebook or Instagram yourself, or if you need to supervise the activities of an agency with which your company cooperates, you’ve come to the right place.

    During our Facebook Ads training, you will learn:

    • the theoretical basics of marketing on Facebook and Instagram
    • the secrets of choosing an advertising strategy on FB and IG,
    • adjusting the right ad formats
    • how to navigate the interface of your advertising account
    • how to create new ads and campaigns
    • how to analyse the results of advertising actions.


    Remember: visibility in free (organic) search results is a hugely important investment for your business. In this case, the industry in which you operate does not matter. During our dedicated SEO training we offer, you will learn:

    • how to analyse and select keywords
    • how to create content that is valuable for Google algorithms and users
    • what to avoid (in order not to expose yourself to Google penalties)
    • how to describe and choose graphics and metrics
    • how to influence users’ purchasing decisions
    • how to create a stronger link base
    • what analytical tools to use and how to use them to best effect.

    Space Ads training – why choose us?

    We act as an extended marketing department for our clients and support them in many of their marketing activities. We are trusted by a huge number of renowned brands, and our digital marketing is available as a global service.

    Check out our track record, and you will see how distinctive and convincing our advertising campaigns are. You will also see the power of numerical and descriptive reports.

    Remember, thanks to our dedicated training in digital marketing, you will:

    • increase the number of orders and the value of your shopping basket
    • reach a gigantic number of clients
    • achieve growingly better results using various advertising methods
    • learn to analyse the actions of your current agency performing digital marketing for your company.

    Learn from our experts! No matter where your brand is at, you need Digital Marketing training. Get in touch with us!