The Most Effective Email Strategies to Drive Conversions


Currently, almost every website offers the option of subscribing to the newsletter. Statistically, an internet user receives over 10 marketing emails every day. Most of these messages are automatically dropped into SPAM box. Only a small percentage of sent mails are opened and read. Do you think this technique will help customers know about your company? How can we help you conduct effective email marketing?


As part of our manifold offerings, we take responsibility of mailing processes from scratch till the time an awareness is generated among potential readers; we start with an in-depth analysis of when (at what times and days) subscribers will receive your newsletter. Everything is done with a subtle approach so that readers become familiar with the content of the message. We can also create professional marketing / sales mailings for you. These marketing emails are planned and designed with a title that will have maximum impact on readers and drive them towards your website. After sending each email, we will analyze its openness and response to the information it contains. Due to this you will receive valuable data on a regular basis that will only confirm your belief that mailing can be effective if it is well planned.


In our activities, we focus on increasing OR and CTR parameters. OR (Open Rate) is the percentage of messages opened. CTR (Click-through rate) is the share of unique clicks in the number of emails sent. Both of these rates are presented as a percentage and the higher they are, the greater is the result of email marketing.


If you care about high quality mailings and reaching the largest number of newsletter subscribers, we are to help. By creating interesting content and sending it in a timely manner you can effectively reach your potential customers. Also we will combine informational and sales content so that the newsletter can trigger new transactions. This will significantly increase sales in the online store, which is a clue for every business on the Web.


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