Experienced experts are the only guarantee of success in online activities

Meet real professionals specializing in the digital world

Rafał Chojnacki
Dyrektor Generalny / CEO

He began his adventure with marketing and online commerce at the Student Scientific Circle e-commerce ofthe University of Economics in Poznań, of which he became President. He graduated from a university with a master’s degree in economics with a specialization in global and managerial economics.

He gained experience as a Freelancer and The specialists Performance Marketing in one of poznań’s agencies.

The commitment and high results of sales campaigns for online stores resulted in work for one of the largest Polish clothing brands as eCommerce Manager.

Thanks to his professional experience, both as freelancer, agency specialist, and Online Store Manager knows how to prepare the best strategy for eCommerce activities and what issues are most important for both sides of cooperation.

He is currently a certified expert specializing in Performance Marketing,especially in Google Adscampaigns, Facebook Ads, SEO, Email and Push.

He likes challenges and there are no impossible things for him. He is a supporter of the continuous improvement of processes in the name of kaizen strategy.

Monica Sobolewska
Chief Operating Officer / COO

He has been involved in the advertising industry for more than 10 years. Initially, her specialty was advertising graphics,but with the expansion of her knowledge, the graphics became one of the branches of her activities. Acquired skills in various positions, m. in. sales, design,web creation, creation of advertising strategies,organization of business events and customer service give it a solid foundation to work on holistically and effectivelyprojects. Specialist in Google Ads, Facebook Ads and email marketing.

He is interested in psychology in marketing and sales,which he uses every day at work. A fan of self-education – her list of training and industry content to rework never ends.

Space ADS uses all its skills and experience by combining them as Chief Operating Officer.

Privately – avid aquarist, a fan of schnauzers (actually one ;), in love with Gdynia,in which she lives and tatras,which she visits with her husband in the summer.

Paulina Sionkowska
Content Manager

Marketing has been her passion (and – happily – also a job) for over 10 years. During her professional career, she was able to conduct promotional activities for companies representing different industries. He writes texts that others want to read and reads content that others want to write.

He believes that words have great power and – believe it at the word – can conjure up texts that arouse a full array of emotions in the audience – even those deeply hidden. Some call it Grammar Nazi and are afraid to speak with her, others – on the contrary – debate with her about pleonazmas, uzusach and metaphors… Space ADS acts as Content Manager.

She loves playing the piano and nerves of her husband, learn from her daughter how to enjoy the smallest things and watch musical talent-shows. Collects good memories and beautiful moments.

Alexandra Lewalska
Performance Manager

She graduated from Marketing and Social Media at the University of Banking in Wroclaw, took her first steps in the industry in one of the largest e-commerce agencies in Poland, initially as Team Assistant, and then as a stand-alone E-commerce specialist.

During her 5-year internship in the industry, she worked for well-known Polish brands managing their online stores. How a fish in the water I feel in creative activities, and my beliefs are based on analytics, which is an integral part of her work. Constantly looking for new inspirations and solutions and focuses on specializing in various fields of online marketing. He is currently a certified specialist for Google Ads,Email Marketing and Marketing Automation, and also acts as a Facebook Ads expert.

Professionally, she is a supporter of the Blue Ocean Strategy and is inspired by its precursors. Privately a fan of football,travel and cooking.