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This does not have to be the case! Take the first steps today to take full advantage of Facebook Ads. Build your brand recognition, attract new customers and increase conversions!

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    Every month, 2.8 billion people use Facebook. As many as 160 million companies communicate with them. Is yours among them?

    93% of marketers create campaigns on Facebook. 73% of them use paid advertising on Instagram. Is your team using the potential of these platforms?

    Global giants such as Google, Amazon and Samsung advertise on Facebook. Your competitors are probably there too. Do you know how to achieve at least as good results as them with the right targeting and engaging creatives?

    The answer is “no”, “not necessarily” or “don’t know”? Nothing lost! You don’t have to be a Facebook Ads expert to reap surprising profits for your brand. You just need to work with a partner who has mastered the creation of effective campaigns to perfection.

    You must know that today more and more users are shopping via Social Media. At Space Ads we know how to make your brand visible to them.

    The average post reaches 6.4% of people who follow the page on Facebook. Every year, this percentage decreases. This significantly lowers conversions and hinders the process of building brand recognition. Therefore, if you don’t start using paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram, in the future you will come to regret looking at how your competitors have done it.

    You are likely to miss out on:

    • an increase in the number of new customers,
    • increasing the value of the shopping basket,
    • reduced conversion costs,
    • increasing your brand recognition,
    • building a lead that will make your customers forget about your competitors
    • and a number of other benefits associated with the presence of your brand on Facebook and Instagram.

    However, let’s not assume a pessimistic scenario! You are able to attract potential customers and achieve high sales results faster than your competitors. And we know how to do it. That’s why we invite you to discuss potential cooperation, where we will show you how to take your brand to the next level.

    Facebook Ads for the Most Demanding

    Only effective advertising campaigns!

    If you want to achieve your performance marketing goals and:

    don’t want to bounce through the doors of yet another agency that “knows it all”,

    you’re tired of specialists who “in 3 easy steps” will tell you how to solve every problem,

    you don’t believe in assurances: “I’ve acquired clients in a different industry, so I can easily meet targets in your business too”…

    … check out the offer of an agency that specialises in result-oriented marketing!

    With Space Ads you can be sure that:

    we have experience in your industry,

    even before starting cooperation we are able to tell you which actions are most likely to work in your company

    we know and use the latest tools, which enable us to achieve high effects of advertising campaigns

    we have ready-made procedures that we adapt to our cooperation, therefore we efficiently take over marketing activities of even large brands

    we know what to ask and how to conduct cooperation in order to implement campaigns without ineffective conversations and wasting your time.

    Facebook Ads – How we achieve your company’s goals

    Facebook campaign goals are broken down into three sections: awareness, actions, and conversions. If we direct Facebook Ads campaigns in such a way as to create awareness, we build the recognition of your brand or increase the reach among potential customers.

    • Brand awareness – in this case, we care about the stable position of your company. We build your image, and our Facebook ads will be remembered by users. This is the first step to influencing their purchasing decisions.
    • Reach – by taking care of the reach on Facebook Ads, we guarantee that you will reach a gigantic group of users who will soon become your customers. Space ranges are only possible with Space Ads.

    The actions section is broken down into: traffic, activity, app installs, video views, contacts and messages acquisition.

    • Traffic – we redirect the audience of Facebook Ads to a target that is outside of Facebook. It could be your corporate website. Thanks to this, we increase the number of visits to your website and more and more users learn about your offer. More traffic means more conversions and increasing profits!
    • Activity – we guarantee you getting likes, reactions, shares and comments. Put simply, we attract your potential customers with cosmic power!
      Application installations – in short, we reach a huge number of users and make your brand’s application instantly available on their phones. We encourage you to both download the application and perform the desired actions in it!
    • Video views – in this case, we make sure that as many users as possible display a movie that is longer than 10 seconds. We know very well how important the first 3 seconds of video material are!
      Acquiring contacts – we gain contacts for your brand, which are the basis for increasing the sales level. Creating a database allows you to contact recipients directly.
    • Messages – using our ads in Facebook Ads, we encourage users to start a conversation in Messenger. We gain new contacts for your brand, and ultimately we acquire customers! We are aware of the value of taking the first step by a potential customer!

    In the conversions section, we can achieve the following goals for you:

    • Conversions – in this case, we configure the Facebook Pixel or events in the application. Thanks to this, we guarantee you the assessment of the effectiveness of advertisements and their appropriate optimization. The actions of Space Ads cause a huge increase in conversions!
    • Catalog sale – we pursue this goal mainly for online stores. We upload the product catalog to the Advertising Manager and win customers for you!
    • Traffic in the company (offline store) – we effectively gain traffic for both stationary and online stores. We achieve dizzying efficiency when we show ads to users who are in the vicinity of your business.

    Within the framework of cooperation

    Advanced integration and configuration
    Facebook Pixel, linking the product catalogue, Facebook and Instagram to the advertising account, updating the product feed.

    Analysis and audit
    activities to date, website, CRO recommendations.

    Precise targeting and exclusions
    campaigns on different audiences (custom, subscribed, similar).

    Working on a client’s advertising account
    to keep track of ongoing campaigns and observe the results.

    Achievement of advertising targets (KPIs)
    including: sales, image building, strengthening brand recognition, activity, website traffic.

    Dynamic UTM 
    for tracking campaign results in other advertising systems, e.g. Google Analytics.

    Continuous optimisation
    strategies, advertising creative, targeting, demographics, devices, placements, objectives and more.

    Stworzenie skutecznych treści reklamowych dla każdej kampanii
    based on expert knowledge and experience.

    Tests of different ad configurations
    in terms of text messages and advertising graphic creations.

    Creation of eye-catching graphics for advertisements
    using possible placements and campaign types (banner, carousel, collection, video, reels)

    Monthly reports
    valuable data, comparisons with previous periods and discussion of results and conclusions.

    Permanent account manager
    and a minimum of one expert working on the project, so that we guarantee continuity of optimisation and the highest quality of service.

    How do we work?

    • Setting goals and expectations

      At the first stage of cooperation we talk with the client about his expectations regarding the effects of the campaign. We agree on the forms of communication, the project team and the terms of cooperation. At this stage we will also need information about previously conducted advertising activities. This will help to plan appropriate actions. Facebook Ads offers a range of advertising objectives and each offers different opportunities. We focus mainly on conversion, but in agreed cases we can also implement other objectives such as traffic, reach, activity or brand recognition.

    • Analysis and technical implementation

      Then we analyse the needs. We examine what elements and to what extent will be needed to create effective campaigns. We have at our disposal, for example, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a product catalogue, an advertising account, a pixel and others. If a given tool is not properly configured or set up – we comprehensively deal with its implementation.
      This is particularly important in the context of proper campaign launch (e.g. lack of proper integration of the pixel with the website and product catalogue will prevent dynamic remarketing).

    • Target group analysis

      The next stage is to analyse the target groups we want to reach with the advertising message. Here we have the following groups at our disposal: non-standard audiences (e.g. remarketing from e-commerce, Facebook, Instagram), saved audiences (e.g. by interests, life events or job positions) and similar to non-standard groups (the so-called Look-a-Like, LLA). We propose suitable target groups that are based on customer requirements, brand strategy, demand and our own know-how.
      We take many factors into account in order to reach the best-converting target groups.

    • Campaign preparation

      During the next stage, we configure the Advertising Account. We create new campaigns, ad sets and advertisements. We write down the agreed target groups, plan the budget allocation, the date of the campaign and its placement. Each of these points has many nuances to which attention must be paid. We write advertising texts and comprehensively create graphics (or use those sent by the customer). Finished advertising campaigns are sent to us for approval.

    • Start and ongoing optimisation

      Once a campaign is approved and launched, we analyse the results on an ongoing basis. We then modify individual parameters in order to constantly achieve better results.  Each project is supervised by an Expert together with a Project Manager, who complement each other perfectly and monitor the campaign results. We are in constant communication with the client. We also implement new campaigns (e.g. new collections, promotions, sales, etc.).

    • Monthly reports and analysis of results

      After each month of cooperation, we send detailed reports on the activities carried out and the results achieved. We show real data, presented in the form of a detailed but accessible report. All this is done in order to make further actions even better and to bring more spectacular effects.

    We dispel your doubts

    There are numerous different factors that affect the performance of advertising campaigns. Those that we can control include:

    • technical integrations with the advertising account,
    • advertising account strategy,
    • selection of appropriate devices, campaign types, ad types,
    • selection of appropriate target groups,
    • budget allocation,
    • division into groups of ads,
    • advertising creations and their coherence,
    • and many more.

    Apart from those factors influencing the quality of work, we also distinguish a number of elements on which our experts here at Space Ads have no direct influence. However, we advise on what to do to make them work in your brand’s favour. These include:

    • brand awareness,
    • offer, competitiveness and pricing strategy,
    • user-friendly navigation on the website (UX),
    • availability of information relevant from a customer perspective (e.g. delivery costs, payment methods, return policy, product recommendations, etc.).

    Constant care, data analysis, and optimization activities are required, which we systematically implement in the accounts we maintain.

    When running our advertising campaigns, we mainly work using advertising accounts and analytical tools. However, we appreciate that many factors influence the success of a campaign. Therefore, we systematically provide our customers with optimization tips for the website and suggestions for additional activities. The introduction of recommendations positively influences the improvement of effects; contrastingly, their absence may limit the potential of a campaign.

    Each client of an advertising agency should have “read access” to the data that is provided from the advertising system to systematically verify the quality of services provided, at a minimum. Here at Space Ads, we have approached the subject more transparently. We believe that an advertising account should always belong to the client and our agency should only have access to it for working purposes. As such, our clients retain full control over the advertising account and after the termination of cooperation they may take the access back. We are also open to other methods of managing advertising accounts.

    All of the ads that we prepare are always sent for final approval by our clients, and in the case of any comments, we strive to introduce appropriate amendments. At the client’s request, we also use materials provided by them, through which we ensure that graphic creations are 100% consistent with the brand vision.

    Cooperation on proven patterns ensures our clients always have full control over their brand image. We act effectively and, in the case of comments, we introduce appropriate modifications. However, we do not do it thoughtlessly. Our countless years of expertise in Internet marketing ensures our customers value our opinion, which we are happy to share with any kinds of doubts.

    We offer contracts for an indefinite timeframe with a 30-day notice period for cancellations, effective at the end of the month. For larger projects requiring complex team involvement, the notice period increases to 3 months. We are also open to non-standard provisions and predetermined periods of time. We prefer to secure our clients’ loyalty with cosmic results and smooth cooperation rather than long-term contracts.

    The value of conversions from Facebook Ads campaigns is usually measured by the attribution of 7 days after the click and 1 day after the display of the ad. For example, this means that if a user saw an ad on a mobile device today (but did not necessarily click on it), the next day, they may go directly to the store website from a laptop and makes a conversion; in such a scenario, the system will credit such transactions. For Google Analytics accounts set to “last click” attribution, such purchases will be attributed as direct entry.

    You may change the default attribution setting from “7+1” to, for example, “1+1” (1 day after click, 1 day after display), “7” (7 days after click) or “1” (1 day after click). The attribution is set for a specific target, which is generally chosen with the client.

    Google Ads campaign results are usually measured as “last-click,” which means that the “cross-device” model does not work here. As such, even if you click on an ad on a mobile device and make a purchase on the same day from another device, the system will not attribute it as its source.

    When analysing the presented results, you should generally not compare Facebook Ads to Google Ads. These are two separate sources, so it’s worth considering them separately. Comparison may lead to wrong conclusions.

    There are situations where the Facebook Ads system performs much better than Google Ads. All results should be interpreted individually for each brand.

    Still have doubts and would like to talk more about attribution? Contact us!

    Of course! We have many clients under our wing who have decided to change their business partner after finding our team.

    You’re probably well aware of the fact that there are many marketing agencies on the market today. Some deliver excellent results to their clients, while others merely charge high prices for mediocre results. If your business has fallen into the latter group, contact us! We’ll show you what can be improved so your brand can grow even faster. Moreover, you’ll learn a new perspective on Facebook and Instagram promotion, and the final decision on changing agencies will still be made by you anyway!

    Maybe that’s not the case; perhaps instead, you think that your marketing agency or in-house team is doing quite well already with Facebook and Instagram advertising? It’s very possible that this is the case, but there’s always room for improvement in the service market. Marketing agencies are not accountants whose work results are usually similar. this means that with extra support, you can always go from good results to amazing! If you want to find out what you can do better, write us a message, give us a call, or book an interview.

    Taking into account our team’s many years of experience, we know that it is impossible to give the same budget recommendation for everyone. We determine monthly expenses with each client individually. During the estimation period, we also consider the optimal division of focus into reaching new users and remarketing campaigns as well as the number of campaigns and advertising goals. Therefore, the budget of brands that are already recognizable and have a large user base should be much higher than for start-ups.

    We work both with beginner brands with a small advertising budget and large firms requiring a monthly budget of over 150,000 EUR/GBP/USD.

    Contact us so we can determine the optimal budget for your marketing needs together.

    Space Ads - wygrana w rankingach na najlepszą agencję reklamową

    At Space Ads, we have experience with all possible strategies for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. We employ specialists who know how to increase effects from performance marketing. Therefore, we will choose the right strategy, tailored to your brand and expected results, to get the best possible results.

    During the campaign, we constantly monitor key indicators and introduce optimisations. We make sure that our cooperation results in advertising activities that are adapted to the marketing message of your entire business.

    As a result, you will gain a consistent brand image adapted to the conquest of space and new markets!

    When you work with the Space Ads crew, you benefit from all of our team’s knowledge and experience in marketing, advertising, sales, content and analytics, not just one person – a big advantage of working with our crew of experts.