How Facebook Ads are Marking a Difference in the Marketing Sphere


Well-configured advertising campaigns bring real results – effects of which result in acquired leads or sales. The key to such success lies with right setting of ad parameters. It is very easy to “burn” the budget, but only a strategic approach can help you proceed towards your business goals. If you need support in the field of Facebook Ads configuration – our team of experts from SPACE ADS will provide support from beginning till the time you acquire sales!


Always, before we configure the first ad, our experts will analyze the settings of the advertising account. We mainly look after Facebook Pixel settings and integrated events. If Pixel is not configured, we deal with it comprehensively. This is particularly important in the context of providing full data to the Facebook Ads advertising system, followed by which we analyze previous advertising activities, if there were any. Next, we concentrate on the configuration of the advertising campaign. Here we take into account several factors.


We always ask for comprehensive information about the effects it should have before launching the ad. This significantly affects the entire configuration process. Facebook Ads sets forth a number of advertising goals; and each of them generates different possibilities. Timing, range, activity, conversion, reaction to an event … Even if at first glance you think you know exactly what they mean, you are likely to get confused, later. You can then quickly “burn” your advertising budget.


After determining the purpose of activities, we move to the configuration settings where we set the characteristics of the target audience, budget, bidding type, date of the campaign and its location. Each of these aspects reveals distinct results, worth paying your attention.


The same applies to the advertising creative itself. You should know what to avoid in a text message, what good graphics look like, how much text you can put on it, etc. these aspects affect the perception of the ad by its recipients.


Our support in setting up Facebook Ads advertising campaigns does not end with its launch. We look at the results on an ongoing basis and modify it if necessary. After the campaign, we analyze its results and come back with real data. Everything is done so that the next actions are even better and bring even more spectacular results.


We invite you to seek our support! Let’s show together that people who say that Facebook ads “don’t sell” are wrong!


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