Funnel Campaigns


What characterizes an effective advertising campaign? Paradoxically – by not selling immediately. Only about 10% of Internet users make a purchase decision after one ad. For comparison – over 30% need two or three points of contact with advertising. * A good advertising campaign is one that is divided into stages and its message changes depending on the involvement of a potential customer. At SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency, we know “how it is done” and we create multi-stage funnel campaigns.

We do not have a universal “recipe” for the success of this type of campaign. It is always created individually for each client. However, there are several assumptions that meet all funnel campaigns. Simply put, it’s about advertising goals …

At the beginning we start with building brand awareness or – more often – individual products. We create advertising creatives in such a way as to attract potential customers. We mainly use a language of benefits or graphic message that strongly affects the recipients. All this so that they start thinking about the promoted product and wonder if they need it …

Only then do we direct strictly sales content. We do it when we know that customers are likely to buy. Using properly selected call to action (CTA), we call the desired action. The whole process, however, is multilevel and quite complex.

Thanks to the funnel campaign, we perfectly combine marketing and sales activities. It is not known from today that they are inseparably complex and unconnected – they do not bring satisfactory results.

We deal with comprehensive advertising campaigns of this type – from A to Z. We start by diagnosing your needs and end with analyzing the results of the funnel. You receive feedback from us at every stage of the action. We are transparent and involved. Check it yourself and take advantage of our services.

* study “Assessment of the impact of online advertising on purchasing decisions”, carried out by BioStat® – 31.07-02.08.2019.