Google Ads – The Primary Online Advertising Channel for Real Sales


To top the search page of the biggest search engine, Google it is important to seek proper advertising means. These search engines are considered to be potential channels for reaching out to a wider customer base. Thousands of companies from various industries dream of reaching the pinnacle. Everywhere it is said that the most important is content – high quality, skillfully “smuggled” keywords, interesting for a potential customer. Of course, it is true but the fact is Google prioritizes organic positioning of a website, which is again a long and complicated process. Google’s algorithms are ever-changing, and so is the position of pages on search engines. Good content is like gold, but you need to wait for weeks till you find tangible results in terms of financial returns.


Do you think high quality relevant content is good enough to push your web page higher up on the first page of the search engine? Yes of course! SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency offers very effective paid positioning through Google Ads (formerly – Google AdWords). Perhaps many people will tell you that it is enough to write keywords and set a budget – “after all, everyone can do it”. However, it is not as simple or intuitive. Appropriate configuration of Google Ads Campaigns often means long hours of SEM expert work, market analysis, selection of key phrases, setting the settlement model, date of action. These are only part of the actions that we take as part of Google Ads configuration (still called Google AdWords).


Google Ads are also Display Ads on the Google Display Network, Product Ads on Google Shopping or Video Ads on YouTube. If you have your own application, you also have the option of advertising it on the Play Store. Activities can be directed to people who do not know your brand, as well as those who were on the verge of buying in remarketing. We can promote your website, landing page, individual products … There are so many options and very little time to position yourself ahead of competitors!


Opponents of Google Ads argue that paid results are very conspicuous and Internet users do not “click” on them. Do you think this is true? The results of our campaigns say something completely different. The small inscription mentioned as “advertisement” comes with paid links. However it is now ignored by Internet users. It is even less visible on banners in the advertising network. As SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency we can write and talk about positioning for hours. Let us go back to setting up successful Google Ads Campaigns. However, if you want to quickly attract a large number of new customers – contact us. We will prepare and offer what is best; services that are tailored to your needs. Don’t wait for everyone in your industry to attain paid positioning. We will prepare you so that you always stay ahead of your competitors! Feel free to contact us!


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