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You’ve probably seen ads more times than you can count on Search, Google Shopping, Gmail, YouTube or Discovery. With Google Ads, customers can see your brand immediately.

Google Ads will help you to get rid of your worries about the online visibility of your offer and lack of new customers once and for all. Google’s precise algorithms will deliver your ads directly to the screens of your customers’ devices. All you need to do is optimize your website, configure your campaign, and implement the most effective integrations. We know how to do it – so let us help out!

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    As many as 49% of Internet users confirm that they consciously click on Google Search Ads.

    As many as 70% of customers are more likely to buy if a brand uses Google Ads remarketing.

    As many as 90% of all internet users see Google Ads.

    Does your business know about this data, and is it taking full advantage of Google Ads?

    Or is your brand not using this type of advertising? Perhaps it has a history of marketing attempts that didn’t yield the expected results? If:

    • your company’s Google Ads ROI leaves much to be desired;
    • users don’t seem to notice your ads and your CTR keeps dropping;
    • you feel that your brand is not properly visible on the Internet;
    • you are acquiring significantly fewer new clients than your sales plan assumed;
    • users who click on your ads do not make conversions;
    • your marketing team needs additional support with Google Ads…

    Google Ads for the Most Demanding

    Only effective advertising campaigns!

    If you want to achieve your performance marketing goals and:

    don’t want to bounce through the doors of yet another agency that “knows it all” but can’t provide the results

    you’re tired of specialists who “in 3 easy steps” will tell you how to solve every problem you’ve ever faced

    you don’t believe in assurances: “I’ve acquired clients in a different industry, so I can easily meet targets in your business too”

    then please be sure to check out our agency, which specialises in result-oriented marketing instead!

    With Space Ads, you can count on the fact that:

    we have experience in your industry,

    even before starting cooperation we are able to tell you which actions are most likely to work in your company

    we know and use the very latest state-of-the-art tools, which enable us to achieve high effects of advertising campaigns

    we have ready-made procedures that we adapt to our cooperation; therefore, we efficiently take over marketing activities of even large brands

    we know what to ask and how to conduct cooperation in order to implement campaigns without ineffective conversations and timewasting

    Google Ads advertising – how we achieve your company’s goals

    Advertising activities in Google Ads can be targeted after the implementation of specific objectives, and the following campaign goals can be listed:

    • Sales are a goal that equates to online conversions. It is worth taking advantage of this goal when creating a campaign, especially when you want to increase transactions. This campaign will also allow you to connect with users who have expressed some interest in what you offer or who were close to making a purchase decision. Remember that we have extensive experience in this field!
    • Potential customers is a marketing goal worth choosing if you want more users to express an interest in your offer. We have extensive experience in running a campaign; therefore, we can reach your target group and arouse cosmic interest in what you are offering!
    • Website traffic is a marketing target through which we can guarantee more visits to your brand’s website. Accordingly, the level of sales also increases; consequently, your brand’s profits increase!
    • Brand awareness and reach is a marketing goal that is great for new businesses. Through our actions, we are able to achieve a huge amount of results, especially when your brand introduces a new product or service to the market. Reach as many people as possible thanks to specialist marketing campaigns carried out by Space Ads!
    • Considering the purchase of a brand-specific product is another possible goal. Through our actions, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with both your offer and the prices you offer. As such, you can arouse the interest of users who will soon become your customers.
    • Promotion of the application; here, we focus on promoting your brand’s application; in doing so, we can hopefully encourage a growing number of users decide to install it. In this way, our agency displays advertisements on the Google Search Network, Google Play, advertising networks, other mobile applications, and on YouTube. Trust us; your company’s application will spread at a cosmic pace!


    • stop worrying about your business’s online visibility;
    • increase brand recognition, which will allow your business to keep growing;
    • skyrocket the value of the average shopping cart;
    • witness that your conversion costs go down;
    • see new customers come to you;
    • enjoy through the roof sales!

    Sound unbelievable? We never promise results we can’t deliver. Contact us and ask about what we can do for your brand.


    • Search Network

      Google Search Network along with Search Partners is the perfect solution to display a link to our client’s website along with a headline and description. Text ads will appear when a user types in a key phrase related to the promoted offer.

      Sponsored links occupy up to four places at the top of the search results page and up to three at the bottom. It’s our job to make sure your ad ranks as high as possible and captures the attention of the recipient.

      We carefully select keywords, create audience groups, schedule adverts and take care of many other optimization factors to ensure that your campaign delivers amazing results. All this to achieve cosmic returns on investment and maximize conversions.

    • Display Network

      The Google Ad Network allows you to reach new users with image and video ads. It is also with its use that remarketing campaigns are created.

      Surely you associate the ads that are displayed on various news portals. It is thanks to the Advertising Network. Space Ads experts know how to use its possibilities. They will prepare a personalized campaign for your brand which will reach the users interested in your products or services. Attractive banner ads will attract views, lead to clicks and generate conversions.

    • Google Shopping

      Product campaigns are a must-have in E-commerce. You offer your customers a product, Google displays its picture, name, price and description when they are looking for it. Thanks to this, a user who needs a particular product is able to find and buy it in your store right away.

      There are several types of product breakdowns available, including by revenue, margin, product category and even by individual products. Together we will choose the best suited strategy.

      Complicated integration with Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and DataLayer is our daily business. With us you can be sure that you display interesting products to your users and you don’t burn a penny.

    • Dynamic Remarketing

      Dynamic remarketing in E-commerce involves presenting content in your ads that is related to a user’s visit to your brand’s website. Example? A user browses hammocks in your store, but does not make a purchase. With dynamic remarketing you can show them your offer again, remind them about your store or offer an attractive discount.

      Thanks to proper integration of Google Ads with Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center and the website, we are able to present advertising communication tailored to the user’s interests.

      This is a particularly useful tool for large online stores with diverse offerings. Use the personalization of the message and win the hearts of your users with a dedicated form of advertising!

    • Video campaign (YouTube)

      The time has come for the entire universe to see your ad!

      YouTube allows you to reach a large number of users. Effective advertising campaigns give reach comparable to TV channels.

      We are experts in building effective sales funnels using video ads on YouTube. Tell us what you expect and we will offer you a campaign that will bring results.

    • App Ads

      Has your brand created its own app or game? We can offer you to get new installations or converting users in it.

      With us you will fulfill the dream of a popular iOS and Android mobile app and game that every virtual gaming enthusiast will know about.

      Users will see it in search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover tab and Google ad network. And from there, it’s just a step away from downloading and actively using the app!

    • Discovery

      With your brand, we can reach customers’ inboxes (Gmail), appear between their favorite YouTube channels and on the Discover tab.

      Such possibilities are provided by the Discovery campaign, which is one of the newest Google Ads solutions. Ads combine text and image (also in the form of a carousel or video), and thus allow you to better present your brand’s offer.

      Thanks to the Discovery campaign you can reach new customers at the right time. The ad will be displayed when they are browsing the Internet for new content. But that’s not all! This format is also perfect for reminding those who have already made a purchase about your brand and encouraging them to interact again.


    Advanced integration and configuration
    for Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, Remarketing Tag, and micro and macro conversions.

    Analysis and auditing
    your firm’s activities to date, website, and CRO recommendations.

    Precise targeting and exclusions
    for different audiences: site users, customer lists, custom audiences, and more.

    Working on a client’s advertising account
    which allows you to keep track of ongoing campaigns and view the results.

    Monthly reports
    providing valuable data, comparisons to previous periods, and discussions of results and conclusions.

    Text ad extensions
    which make use of all extension possibilities, as required: e.g. promotions, subpages, and locations.

    Continuous optimization
    of your brand’s strategies, ad creation, targeting, demographics, devices, placements, conversions, and more.

    Connections and integrations
    depending on the project: Google Search Console, YouTube, Google Hotel Center, or Google Play.

    Ability to use all types of campaigns
    e.g. Search Network, Display Network, Discovery Campaigns, Product Campaigns, YouTube Campaigns, and App Ads.

    Graphic creation or instructions with recommendations
    for effective use of graphic campaigns.

    Effective and professional advertising content
    including a minimum of 3 text ad creatives per ad group.

    Permanent account manager
    and a minimum of one expert working on the project, so we can guarantee continuity of optimization and the highest quality of service.

    How we work

    • Setting goals and expectations

      Before we even set up your first ad, we conduct a series of consultations. At this stage we determine the expected effects of Google Ads advertising campaigns. Moreover, we agree on the forms of communication (e.g. e-mail and Slack), the project team and the terms of cooperation.

      We also talk about the campaigns run so far. This allows us to plan appropriate actions, because we won’t have to retest ad sets that don’t bring the expected results.

      In Google Ads we can set up multiple campaigns with different objectives. Each of them generates different effects. In Space Ads we mainly focus on conversions, but in agreed cases we can also pursue other goals such as clicks, views, views, CTR and many others.

    • Analysis and technical implementation

      In this step, we analyze the settings of your current ad account (if any). We review campaign strategy, audience groups, ads, demographics, keywords or devices. We also look at the settings of Google Tag Manager, Google Ads Remarketing Tag, Google Ads Conversion and all integrations e.g. with Google Analytics.

      If the required systems are not yet configured, we take care of this comprehensively. This is necessary, among other things, to create effective campaigns within the framework of dynamic remarketing.

    • Analysis of keywords, audience groups, product sets

      The next step is to choose the right keywords. If the user types them into the search engine, the ad will be displayed to him.

      The keywords are chosen in such a way that they fulfil the assumed advertising objectives. They may build interest in the product, or immediately respond to the purchase intention. We also analyse brand words and their possible division in campaigns.

      We then conduct analyses and select appropriate target groups to which we will display ads. The most common mistake is to show ads to everyone. This results in rapid consumption of the budget and the campaign reaches users who are not interested in the product (this does not apply to campaigns aimed at wide reach and building brand recognition). Among the various groups, we can target for “audience in the market”, “similar interests” or “remarketing audience”. Within each of these options are a multitude of downstream options that we optimize effectively.

      To maximize conversions in online stores, we also create an appropriate breakdown for products to appear in ads. We can sort them in many different ways including by price, margin, category, number of units sold and many more.

    • Campaign development

      During this stage, we configure your advertising account. We create new campaigns, ad sets, and ads according to an established strategy. We select established target groups, plan budget allocation, demographics, and campaign date. Each of these points are many nuances to pay attention to.

      We also write advertising texts and comprehensively create graphics (or use those sent by the client). Ready campaigns are sent for approval.

      In Space Ads we know what is worth betting on in the advertising message and what should be avoided. All this matters and directly influences the campaign results.

    • Start and ongoing optimization

      Once a campaign is approved and launched, we analyze key metrics on an ongoing basis. We introduce the required changes in the strategy to constantly achieve better results. Each project is supervised by an Expert together with a Project Manager, who complement each other perfectly and constantly monitor the campaign results. We are in constant communication with the client and implement new campaigns (e.g. new collections, promotions, sales).

    • Monthly reports and analysis of results

      After each month of cooperation we send detailed reports on the activities carried out and the results achieved. We come back with real data, presented in the form of a detailed but accessible report. All this is done in order to make further campaigns even better and bring more spectacular effects.

    Dispelling your doubts

    Taking into account the many years of experience held by our expert team, we know that it is nearly impossible to give the same budget estimate for everyone. As such, we determine monthly expenses with each client individually based on their unique requirements. During the estimation process, we take into account the optimal division into reaching new users and remarketing campaigns as well as the number of campaigns and advertising goals. Therefore, the budget of brands that are already recognizable and have a large user base should be much higher than for start-ups companies.

    Here at Space Ads, we’ve worked with both beginner brands with a small advertising budget and large teams with a monthly budget of over 150,000 EUR/GBP/USD.

    Why not contact us so we can determine the optimal budget together.

    Each client of an advertising agency should have “read access” to the data from the advertising system in order to systematically verify the quality of services provided. This is a minimum. As such, here at Space Ads, we have approached the subject more transparently. We believe that the advertising account should always belong to the client and our agency only gets access to it so that we can work on it. As such, our clients retain full control over the advertising account and, after the termination of our cooperation, they may take complete access back. We are also open to other models of managing advertising accounts.

    There are several factors that affect the performance of advertising campaigns. Some of the factors that we can control include:

    • technical integrations with the advertising account,
    • advertising account strategy,
    • selection of appropriate devices, campaign types, ad types,
    • selection of appropriate target groups,
    • budget allocation,
    • division into groups of ads,
    • advertising creations and their coherence,
    • and many more.

    In addition to the above, some of the factors depend on the quality of work of our experts who carry out activities on the advertising account. We also distinguish those elements that we here at Space Ads we have no direct influence over. However, we can advise our clients on what to do to make these work more favourably for their brand. These include:

    • brand awareness,
    • offer, competitiveness and pricing strategy,
    • User-friendly navigation on the website (UX),
    • availability of information relevant from a customer perspective (e.g., delivery costs, payment methods, return policy, product recommendations, etc.).

    Constant care, data analysis, and the integration of effective optimization activities are required, which we systematically implement in the accounts we maintain.

    We offer a contract for an indefinite duration, with a 30-day cancellation notice period that’s effective at the end of the month. For larger projects which require complex team involvement, the notice period increases to 3 months. We are also open to non-standard provisions and predetermined durations, but overall, we prefer to secure our clients’ loyalty thanks to our cosmic results and smooth cooperation rather than long-term contracts.

    When running advertising campaigns, we mainly work on advertising accounts and use several different analytical tools. However, many factors influence the success of a campaign. Therefore, we systematically provide our customers with optimization tips for their website and suggestions for additional activities. The introduction of recommendations positively influences the improvement of effects, while their absence may limit the potential of a campaign.

    We are a certified Google Partner

    Just one year after the creation of Space Ads, i.e. the minimum period of conducting activities in Google Ads, we became an official Google Partner.

    This is a vital distinction granted to advertising agencies by Google. In order to receive it, you need to demonstrate high results, a sufficient number of clients, and skills confirmed by certificates.

    How will you benefit from this? Well, this distinction allows us to efficiently contact Google representatives and implement non-standard solutions.

    We run advanced campaigns for our clients, focusing on expert and strategic actions, supported by data analysis. We systematically send CRO recommendations, thanks to which the results of our cooperation are at the highest possible level.

    Proper configuration of Google Ads campaign means long hours of work. That is why Space Ads has a project manager and a specialist or a team of specialists working on each project. Everything is done so that thanks to Google Ads your sales and conversions keep growing. Expert experience is a guarantee of success in online activities.