Management and Configuration of Google Tag Manager


Do you know your customers? From where would you know about their behavior? Would you like to know what exactly the “virtual journey” of users on your online store appears like? All this is available at your fingertips! Google Tag Manager is a highly effective tool with the help of which your knowledge about customers will increase. The key to success, however, is proper configuration and management of the tool.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) has almost the same advantages. Very often, customers tell us that they are afraid of configuring the tool because it seems to be complicated. Indeed, the capabilities of Google Tag Manager are really spectacular; especially considering the fact that it comes for free. This tool primarily allows you to measure any defined event. Do you want to know how many times users of your online store clicked on a button that is of business interest to you? How many times did they add the product to the cart without completing the transaction? With Google Tag Manager you will get to know your customers from inside out. As a result, you will learn what exactly they are looking for and you will be able to cater to their tailored needs.


You think you know your potential clients well, but you are not satisfied with the results of Google Ads or Facebook Ads that you configure? Perhaps the problem lies in inappropriate setting of the audience. Google Tag Manager also allows you to run the appropriate tags after specific events of the website user. Remarketing activities are then definitely simpler and more effective. As you can see, GTM not only facilitates data analysis, it also provides a lot of additional information alongside supporting the process of configuring advertising systems.


We could of course mention that as SPACE ADS, we also create custom tags for our clients. We use definitely more advanced GTM functions, but this is a topic for a longer blog entry. One thing is certain – before we do anything on Google Tag Manager, we always start with “cleanup” with previously used tags.


GTM is currently the most popular, free tag management tool. It gives many possibilities that are really worth using. Want to learn more about how Google Tag Manager and how it can affect the current functioning of your business? Feel free to contact us!


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