Influencers have power!


How do I reach more leads? How to increase sales? These questions are spent dreaming with the eyelids of many entrepreneurs around the world. Some rely mainly on organic activities,others invest their time and money in paid fb ads campaigns or Google Ads… But that’s not all – there are also those who work with influencers– people who have a real impact on communities! Often, such collaborations can produce up to a few hundred percent better results than any other form of advertising. Maybe you’ll ask – “How’s that possible?!” The key to success is the right selection of people to cooperate – and we do not write here only about influencers …


In SPACE ADS we have experience in campaigns with influencers of very different reach – both barter and paid campaigns. Thanks to knowledge and experience, we are able to perfectly select the right people for the right campaigns. We know who can boast of a really committed community– and who is dishonest in “buying” fans from other countries. We have access to tools that allow us to check the engagement rate (ER),which is the fan engagement indicator. We rely on this data and your extensive knowledge of bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers,and even tiktokers! Remember that the right choice of social network ing is also of great importance in terms of the effectiveness of the promotion of your product or service!


Influencers can effectively affect the value and quantity of sales of your product,but they don’t have to… It all depends on who you will work with and on what terms. When you decide to entrust us with marketing influencer activities,you are sure that we will take care of them comprehensively. We will support you in determining the purpose of cooperation,selecting the right people, drawing up a contract, and at the end of the campaign – we will prepare analyses,thanks to which you will see the effects of the actions of individual influencerson your hand.


With influencers you can really a lot… They are often able to promote your brand better than anyone else! Thanks to their huge reach,you can quickly reach a large number of your potential customers! The most important is the right selection of people to cooperate. If you want to focus on running a business instead of searching the Web yourself to find the best influencers, remember that we’re happy to support you!


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