The strategic online approach for potential lead generation


No business can survive without customers. How can you acquire a bigger customer base? Entrepreneurs do not wait idly till the time a potential customer visits their website and uses fills up the contact form. They are implementing strategies every now and then. They invest in several opportunities that direct towards lead generation. What is “lead”? In its simplest form, lead is referred to as a person / company potentially interested in a product or service.


How do we generate leads as SPACE ADS – An eCommerce Marketing Agency? Leads depend on what you expect. We create landing pages, i.e. landing pages, Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaigns, but that’s not all. This is only part of the actions that we take to increase the email base of potential customers. We pay special attention to make the acquired contacts as valuable as possible, i.e. convert every visit to a potential purchase. However, market research has revealed only a very small percentage of people are driven towards a buy. That is why we make sure that you regularly make direct contact with your customer base through content enriched with information relevant to their needs; these can happen in the form of newsletters or advertisements on Facebook.


Remember that the lead acquisition process should be continuous. In addition, “your” leads should be taken care of at all times, not just during sales activities. In this way, we smoothly proceed towards the next action that we take in connection with expanding the base of potential customers. What is lead nurturing? This is in a way “preparing” potential customers for the purchase decision. Simply the point is that the leads that we have in our bases “move” down the sales funnel, which we can also develop for you. Lead nurturing activities are quite time and labor consuming. We are aware that not every entrepreneur has enough time to regularly analyze their potential clients. We will gladly help you with this.


As SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency, we have many years of experience in analyzing subscribers’ reactions to content sent to them (e.g. newsletters). We know perfectly well how much time they spend reading e-mails, what they click on and – thus – what interests them. As a result, we can personalize the content sent, which in turn is associated with increased sales.


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