Marketing Audit for your company. Use the full potential of your campaigns!

Effective analysis of your company’s marketing campaigns

Are you:

  • looking to understand why your Google Ads campaign isn’t producing the expected results? Or even, despite the promises of your current marketer or agency, is generating a loss?
  • having doubts about whether your Facebook Ads campaign is set up correctly? Do you wonder if your current results could be even better?
  • disappointed with the position of your brand in the current search results?
  • outsourcing your company’s social media accounts, but only bringing in unsatisfactory results?
  • wondering if your brand marketing efforts are going in the right direction? Do you feel that it could be better?

Neither you nor your brand is alone with this!

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    Only 9% of companies are satisfied with their content marketing efforts.

    Only 30% of brands would recommend in good conscience the SEO agency they’re currently working with.

    Only 5.2% of those watching a business page on Facebook see posts that are not promoted

    We can’t change the world – but we can help your brand be among those few companies benefitting from effective marketing efforts. We offer a basic, free audit or an extensive, paid report along with a consultation to help you learn how to take your brand’s efforts to the next level.

    By ordering a digital media audit from our team, you will:

    • learn how to optimize your brand’s marketing efforts to effectively meet your advertising goals,
    • receive tips that will help you implement the most modern internet marketing solutions,
    • see how to use your current advertising budget even more effectively,
    • save a lot of time and money, which your company can put to use on strategic development,
    • look to the future with confidence that your brand marketing efforts are heading in the right direction.


    As part of our media audits, we analyze all of your current advertising activities, including channels, formats, and content. In addition, we help verify whether the advertising budgets are being used properly, i.e., checking they’re not simply being “burned” by your current marketer. The true art here is to obtain a high conversion rate with optimized costs for your advertising activities.

    Which area do you want to verify?