Marketing Automation provides a wealth of information about customers


What will future marketing strategies look like? Although opinions on this subject are not quite alike, experts agree that marketing automation will play a key role in it. Marketing automation encompasses a full range of activities that enable you to gather complete spectrum of customer activities. If the concepts of artificial intelligence or machine learning are still little known to you, it is most likely that you will soon come in terms with such concepts. Marketing of the future is the automation of analyses, planning and partly sales. Today, there are too many possibilities, resulting from evolution of advanced software technologies, all of which are dedicated towards marketing automation.


SPACE ADSeCommerce Marketing Agency is the official partner of SALESmanago, in providing tools for marketing automation. With the help of such software technology, we are able to provide our clients with a wide spectrum of information about potential and current customers. These data come from several sources – including visits to your website, response to marketing messages and also newsletters or social media activities. As a result of such implementation, you get a complete set of information about each client:


  • Behavioral data
  • shopping history
  • information about visits to the website
  • current scoring


On the basis of the data collected we can personalize marketing and sales messages to increase the frequency and value of purchases.


It is a fact that without the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating an effective sales funnel will almost become impossible. Marketing automation gives you a number of options that allow you to create a very accurate customer profile. You cannot miss the importance of push messages, chat scenarios via chat or messenger on FB or Ad remarketing. Having knowledge about clients from so many different sectors, creating personalized marketing and sales messages become simpler.


If you want to see the possibilities of marketing automation for your company, please contact us. We’ll show you how much more you can learn about your customers.


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