Why did I found Space Ads?

Learn the story of Rafal Chojnacki, the agency’s founder.

I consider myself a strategist with a deeply ingrained skill for critical thinking. Whenever I see something not working well, I want to improve it. As such, I took my first steps to build my professional experience in marketing and IT as a Project Manager, and then I began working with larger and larger corporations, where, theoretically. I could fulfill my ambitions.

However, it was not always as if I had imagined it.

In fact, I had worked in numerous managerial positions in various companies with extensive marketing efforts, and yet, I had never really been fully satisfied with the agencies I interacted with. They offered a low quality of service, and I knew it shouldn’t have to be this way.

Cooperation was ineffective and the results were poor, and sometimes even harmful.

I couldn’t accept this! As such, I decided to act.

Bad agencies and their weaknesses

As a manager in a corporation myself, I was fed up with working with weak agencies! The problems I noticed included:

  • Disorganisation

    When I was working as a manager in different companies, I never knew at what stage the agencies were implementing their campaigns, what they had planned, what innovations they were implementing and what their optimisation work consisted of. I felt the work was chaotic. There were no outlined milestones and targets to achieve. I brought up this topic many times but it was never properly addressed.

  • Delays

    Agencies repeated the same mistake time and time again. They did not maintain efficient contact with specialists. Very long waiting times for replies generated delays. This included delays in the implementation of internal arrangements. Nothing could be planned under such conditions. For example, there was no way to plan an exceptional promotional action for the weekend, when I knew that it would be implemented only on Monday or Tuesday, i.e. after the end of the promotion…

  • Lack of transparency

    On more than one occasion I have also had to wait a week or more for a response to a simple email asking for details. If only I had access to the advertising account, I could check it in no time. However, the agencies hid behind secret “know-how”, so they could not give me access to the advertising accounts and key information.

  • No dedicated team

    Also to my disadvantage were the constant changes in staff and the lack of a dedicated person to work with. In many cases, agency employees changed from day to day, and the implementation of campaigns changed hands.

    Working with new people all the time, it was difficult to plan systematic activities, establish KPIs and target campaign results.

  • No creativity

    Not to mention the fact that agencies stuck to rigid schemes. They were repeating them one after another, and this was producing rather mediocre results. What’s more, this lack of innovation and creativity was imposed from above. Any suggestions I had for creative activities were suppressed by the agencies. I heard arguments like ‘but we’ve always done it this way and it’s been good, so why change it’, or ‘it’s impossible to implement’.

  • Burning through the budget

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was the mindless burning of the budget. It was also disappointing that my attempts to optimise it were met with resistance and reluctance. At a certain point, I felt that I had hit a wall that I could not push through alone. I felt that what I was doing was not professional and that I could do much better.

Our revolutionary rocket took off, bringing a new way of working without the restrictions of traditional hierarchies

That’s why, one day, I decided to take a risk, put everything on one card. As such, I created Space Ads. Although, at the beginning, I felt like a child wandering in the fog, I knew I didn’t want to make mistakes made by other agencies.

Therefore, I used my comprehensive experience from working in IT and a digital marketing agency and created something unique: a company that works according to the unique, self-responsible management model. That moment came in May 2018 when I founded the space-turquoise-themed marketing agency, Space Ads.

Today, Space Ads is a multi-person team created using from-scratch processes and strategies that always guarantee success!

Space Ads agency – time for a revolution!

Fatal experiences with the agencies I worked with previously helped make me aware of what I wanted to avoid. Therefore, instead of the chaotic activities I described, the Space Ads agency proposes  a systematic implementation for your brand of a structured, long-term, and well-thought-out strategy. If you wish, we can also discuss and present every aspect of the services we provide in clear, easy to interpret manner.

Instead of the eternal delays that I remember from my old companies, I offer you full timeliness. After all, in the competitive Digital Marketing industry, time is our ally, not our enemy.

Communication in Space Ads team is instant, and what I remembered from previous agencies fortunately remained only a memory. In turn, campaign budgets are used with maximum profitability and money is never spent senselessly.

After negative experiences with agencies that were full of flaws, I enjoyed holding full influence on how Space Ads works!

Why work for Space Ads?

As the founder of Space Ads, I make every effort to work with the best Performance Marketing specialists to boost my clients’ websites. Contact with clients takes place via all available platforms – by email and via Slack.

There are also regular meetings with clients via Google Meet. The Space Ads team can also be contacted by phone, which makes our clients feel like we are part of their business. We are definitely not an agency that is “somewhere far away;” in fact, we can be treated as remote employees. Crew members can freely shape the path of their development, and their remuneration has no limit because it is based on profit-sharing. Thus, they can constantly consult their work with other Space Ads employees.

  • Strategy

    At the beginning of each cooperation, we prepare an audit, as well as an action strategy. I know that the client of an advertising agency needs to know at what stage the campaign implementation is at the moment and actions taken by the agency must be justified. Brands that use services of Space Ads agency have therefore full access to this information.

  • Dedicated team

    With us, every customer is taken care of in the right way – from start to finish. This is why two people work on each project – a Project Manager and an Expert. These people are permanently assigned to a given client. This helps avoid mistakes resulting from team changes. Each expert deals with a particular campaign from start to finish.

    Our work is efficiently organised by Slack, Asana, Google Workspace and many other useful tools.

    Thanks to the fact that each project has a dedicated team assigned to it, we operate efficiently and you can plan with us long-term campaigns as well as ad-hoc ones.

  • Sincere intentions

    Sensitive to the practices adopted by the agencies I work with, I talk to clients about everything – including the weaknesses of given projects and concepts.

    I don’t tolerate snooping around and I believe it’s important to be honest with clients. Sometimes even to the bone. That is why Space Ads presents real results of the campaign, which allows to locate weak elements and improve what needs to be optimized. Also in terms of the budget.

  • Full transparency

    Our clients have access to everything – tools, advertising accounts and analyses. Moreover, each Space Ads client receives from us access to so called Ultimate Planner – a tool created by us which provides insight into conducted campaigns. From its level, you may monitor fixed advertising budgets and implemented advertising actions. There is also a Roadmap, which shows at what stage the campaign you are currently running is at. It can also show the progress of the optimisation of existing marketing activities.

  • Continuous development

    Space Ads team is fully engaged at every stage of running advertising campaigns. Before launching them, I always look at the results of strategic consultations. This way I make sure that the campaign is consistent with the client’s expectations and guidelines. After all, both me and all Space Ads experts care about the results of the campaigns as much as the people who trust our agency.

    I also know that Digital Marketing industry develops at a dizzying pace. That is why I do not rest on my laurels and constantly raise the bar for myself and the members of our team. I am committed not only to recommending to clients what is proven, but also to constantly reaching for new and additional activities that will allow us to be one step ahead of the competition. And as we all know, the competition never sleeps…

  • Creativity and training

    When I ended working with my former employers, I knew I wanted to change something. Not only the current approach of advertising agencies, but also the entire industry. That is why I place a strong emphasis on development, creativity and openness in our team. Therefore, as a team, we regularly attend conferences and invest our time and money in all the training courses and books available on the market. We are hungry for knowledge and for this reason we take part in numerous training courses and pass certificates.

What does working at Space Ads look like?

Space Ads is an advertising agency that continues to grow and isn’t just limited to projects that are “comfortable.” We cooperate with clients from many different countries and conduct marketing campaigns all over the world.

The agency works on a remote model, which gives us the opportunity to work with many foreign brands. Such projects allow us to develop and our employees do not have to waste time commuting to the office or to the place of the meeting with the client. Remote working also helps motivate our specialists. Instead of standing in traffic, they can invest time in pursuing their own interests. In fact, Space Ads takes a change from the corporate style of work. For this reason, we have a solid team of marketing experts for whom Space Ads is the ideal place for creative work.

What does Space Ads do?

The agency operates in the field of performance marketing, which aims to create effective advertising campaigns. Moreover, it doesn’t limit itself in terms of its actions and reaches everywhere your the clients are. Moreover, Space Ads provides comprehensive services in various digital marketing channels, preparing the most effective strategies for actions and audits.

In order to meet the clients’ needs, I constantly strive to expand the agency’s offer with new services. By cooperating with the Space Ads team, you will receive full support from some of the best specialists – not only in marketing but also for advertising, sales, content, and analytics. By entrusting your campaign to Space Ads, you will benefit from the services of a whole team of experts, rather than just one person. Plus, you can also count on the open minds of some of the best marketers around. We’re always full of creative ideas; after all, customer satisfaction is our priority – they’re the fuel for our ship!