The importance of seeking Performance Marketing Audits


As part of a media audit, we will analyze all currently conducted online store advertising activities – their channels, formats, as well as content. In addition, we will verify your advertising budgets and how they are used. Proper usage of advertising budget will be evaluated.  The real trick is about acquiring a high conversion rate with optimized costs for advertising, just like a high return on investment (ROAS).


The media audits we conduct not only include advertising content and the manner of their promotion. We also analyze the configuration of advertising accounts (including Google Ads and Facebook Ads). We verify whether our clients are using 100% of their resources and whether they have chosen the right types of ads for the content they need. Both search engine and social media ads have a number of configuration options. Achieving the right choice of advertising goal, setting an ideal target group for campaigns and type of conversion are often tough. It is worth knowing that these are primary aspects that determine the success of advertising campaigns. We will not only show you how to optimize your budget. We’ll also show you the type of ads that are most effective for your business and how to set them up properly.


Due to many years of experience in conducting online marketing activities, we are able to offer you the best solutions. These solutions are budget-optimal. Every measure, that will increase sales conversion and basket value for your store is sought after by our experts as primary measure for boosting business. However, you will achieve a high return on advertising campaigns (ROAS), which will also add to an overall return on investment (ROI).


The result of a media audit is a comprehensive documentation with a thorough analysis of the current state and recommendations for changes. The decision as to their introduction is only up to you. If you decide to implement them, we are ready to support you also in Digital Ads, Facebook Ads, Copywriting etc..We work comprehensively, working on your success every day.


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