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It matters when people talk about your brand, more specifically the company you run. Do you agree with that? Every company has an image, which it acquires over the years. The brand image of a company is influenced by many factors. Our SPACE ADSeCommerce Marketing Agency deals with different factors related to enterprises and entrepreneurs.


Do brand image and public relations mean the same thing? PR is, in the simplest term referred to as public relations. As part of the company’s business, PR activities comprise involvement in creating and maintaining a positive perception. There is external and internal PR. The best approach is to involve both. After all, employee feedback often influences customer image and vice versa.


What if everything goes wrong? What to do in the event of a conflict? The role of a specialist in crisis PR steps in. Often, these experts find out a subtle approach that work wonderfully and help resolve an issue in the benefit of a company. Hence a lot of entrepreneurs completely depend on SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency. We provide the best services in the field of PR.


How do we work with clients to improve the image? We focus on coherence and diversity of activities. Some of our major emphasis lay on Media relations, internal communication, CSR or public affairs. These are just some vital aspects that we analyze and take into account when creating the schedule. We seek actions as per situations. However, when it comes to the way of communication, visual identification or advertising creations, developing a strategy becomes necessary. When working on an image, we most often combine marketing and sales activities. We support the unification of company policy, which affects its perception – both from externally and internally.


PR with SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency involves different result based activities. See for yourself on how your company can benefit through improved brand image. Increased sales and visibility also form a part of our job.


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