Push Notifications

Have you noticed how many pages are currently requesting permission to show notifications? Even if you do not want to receive them, believe me – more and more Internet users want to be informed about the latest promotions and special offers.

If you would like to have push notifications on your website – because this is the name of the system – you’ve come to the right place. Our SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency can take care of them from A to Z. It would seem that all you need to do is buy special software and start showing notifications, but it’s still far from such automation. It is worth using all the possibilities of Push Ads as a very effective form of reaching customers.

How does our SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency make push notifications so spectacular? First of all – we operate on the basis of the schedule we created. We don’t have random activities – everything we do is strictly planned. First of all – we prepare banners that stand out from the others. In addition, we create unique marketing and sales content for Push Ads subscribers and verify their effectiveness. We look at reactions to messages on an ongoing basis, we personalize them and test various variants. Then we compare their effectiveness to reach your customers as effectively as possible.

Some associate Push Ad only with information about promotions, but this is just one of many possibilities. In addition, they allow, among others sending notifications of unfinished orders with a direct link.

In the US, every day today, sending notifications counts in tens of millions. This is a trend that is also present in Poland, albeit on a smaller scale. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, now think about being half a step ahead and meeting the needs of customers before they are aware of them. With our SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency you will definitely succeed! Please contact us.