SMS Marketing – fast, simple and effective way to reach customers


Who of us does not open incoming SMS messages? According to many sources, their OR (open rate) is between 94 and 99%. If you would like the information about your offers or promotions to reach such a wide audience, you should consider SMS marketing campaigns.


Nowadays, there are many possibilities of their configuration and personalization. It is often difficult to decide what to opt for. As SPACE ADS, we not only provide consulting services, but also prepare complex SMS marketing strategies. What does our work with this type of campaigns consist in?


Before your potential customers open the SMS message, we take a lot of preparatory actions. Of course, always at the beginning we make a diagnosis of the customer’s needs in order to best adjust the actions. Every campaign we run is tailor-made and completely individualized. After discussing expectations, we proceed to adjust the type of message, target audience and content creation. There are basic SMSs (sent from a “normal” number) and advanced ones (signed with the company/brand name). They can be completely personalized or the same for each customer. If we are already at the recipients of messages, we always carefully analyze and select the target group of the campaign…


Are they supposed to be people from a specific age range, with specific interests, or maybe just VIP clients? It all depends on the type of campaign and the type and content of the message that our best copywriters create. We do everything to make our clients’ messages stand out from other marketing messages. This is the recipe for campaign success – being remembered.


When you work with our team of SPACE ADS experts, you no longer have to worry about budget utilization and selection of advertising creative. We take care of the campaign at every stage. We start from establishing the client’s needs, then we analyse the market, plan the details of the campaign and determine the group of its recipients. Then, we implement the agreed assumptions, we monitor the partial results on an ongoing basis, and – after completion – we present the final report.


SMS marketing is a highly effective way to reach recipients in an increasingly wide age range. The technology is moving forward, a smartphone is now for us what a wallet used to be, so it is worth betting on SMS campaigns. Especially that the OR rate is accompanied by a very high CTR (click through rate). Remember that talking to us is not obligatory, so feel free to contact us.