Accurate data evaluation and storage through maintenance of reports and dashboards


Each action you take brings specific results such as data which should be processed. It is easy to fall into the trap of running more and more activities which can lead to lack of time to analyze their effectiveness. So, what’s next? As SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency, we can support you in creating marketing and sales reports and dashboards. As a result we can help you focus on a few of the most profitable administrative actions. Such approach helps save a lot of time and energy. Allocating staff to take control over such operations can drain your resources to a great level.


Manual preservation and usage of data is quite costly and resource consuming. Our automated systems however generate greater possibilities. Meanwhile you will discover the benefits of having such CRM systems at your disposal. Both data analysis and reporting will be seamlessly carried out by our top automated systems. We will be happy to let you discover its possibilities. If you love tables and charts, we’ll present the results of the analysis in the form of a traditional report. However, if you like it to be prepared visually presentable, we will always encourage you to use the dashboard preparation option. What is the dashboard option? These are one-page reports on which data is presented in a visual format. Here you will find only the most important information in a very clear and readable form.


What distinguishes our reports and dashboards? Our Dashboards offer updates in a timely manner. We can provide you with a brilliant solution that will allow you to update your data at any time. You no longer have to worry about which version of the report is the latest. You can generate the latest reports at any time. Is it Magic? Not at all! It’s just using our many years of experience to support fantastic companies on their path to success.


Find out the several analysis options your data offers. Feel free to contact us!


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