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Increase your brand’s organic positions and sales

Can you get into the TOP 3 of Google search results by chance? Are there any magic tricks to get there? Or is the TOP 3 reserved only for the biggest brands?

The answer to each of these questions is “No”.

A high position in Google search results is a consequence of many, regularly conducted activities. They are part of a long-term strategy that never happens by chance. However, by implementing it consistently you can successfully compete with the biggest brands in your industry. In Space Ads we can help you with that.


More than 70% of clicks on Google search come from organic results.

As many as 75% of users never make it to the second page of Google search results.

Over 90% of websites will never be found on Google due to a lack of investment in SEO.

For website owners who invest in SEO, statistics about SEO are just theory. They don’t have to worry about their brand’s online visibility because customers are coming to their site organically from the first pages of search.

However, you have come across the Space Ads website. You see the need to increase the position of your website in Google. So probably the above statistics do not fill you with optimism. But we have good news for you. No matter where your online shop is, we are able to position it on converting keywords.

Space Ads - wygrana w rankingach na najlepszą agencję reklamową

If your website:

  • does not rank for the best keywords in your industry,
  • is far down in the search results,
  • generates too little traffic from Google,
  • it only ranks for keywords that don’t convert,
  • seems invisible to your customers,
  • and sells well below your expectations…


That is, SEO with a focus on conversion!

If you want to achieve your performance marketing goals and:

❌ don’t want to bounce through the doors of yet another agency that “knows it all”,

❌ you’re tired of specialists who “in 3 easy steps” will tell you how to solve every problem,

❌ you don’t believe in assurances: “I’ve acquired clients in a different industry, so I can easily meet targets in your business too”…

… check out the offer of an agency that specialises in result-oriented marketing!

With Space Ads you can be sure that:

✅ we have experience in your industry,

✅ even before starting cooperation we are able to tell you which actions are most likely to work in your company

✅ we know and use the latest tools, which enable us to achieve high effects of advertising campaigns

✅ we have ready-made procedures that we adapt to our cooperation, therefore we efficiently take over marketing activities of even large brands

✅ we know what to ask and how to conduct cooperation in order to implement campaigns without ineffective conversations and wasting your time.


  • You will stop worrying about the visibility of your business online,
  • Your brand will become more recognisable among potential customers,
  • your website will be higher in Google search results,
  • You will increase the conversion rate in your shop, because you will be positioning yourself on the right keywords,
  • new customers will appear and with them more sales.

And most importantly! We never promise results that we can’t deliver. Contact us and ask what we can do for your brand. We will take a closer look and present you with real, possible results of our cooperation.


  • DATA

    We begin each SEO project by preparing an analysis that allows to determine the appropriate direction of positioning. We examine current positions for key phrases, external and internal linking, website content, technologies used and key SEO indicators.


    Every subpage that is relevant to SEO must have unique and optimised content. We take care of creating them. We write meta tags, blog texts, category descriptions, product descriptions and homepage texts.

    The content we create is optimised for relevant keywords and written in conversion-oriented language. This makes it possible to generate a higher number of visits from search engines.

  • CODE

    Some developers, when creating websites, write code that is only tailored to clients. SEO issues are completely ignored. It causes that the website is far away in search results or is not indexed at all for the keywords you are interested in. That is why in Space Ads we deal with optimisation of the code in terms of SEO.

    We focus among others on site maps, PageSpeed Insights and Dwell Time optimisation.

  • LINK

    Another element of SEO is acquiring valuable links that will strengthen the position of a domain. We build effective link profiles to increase brand popularity in search engines. We focus on diversification of link values, interesting and unique content and acquiring them from various domains and IP addresses.

    We also conduct internal link-building, i.e. linking within a given domain. This enables us to effectively position selected subpages of your website.

  • CRO

    We know that it’s not enough to bring users to your site to become your customers. That is why we focus on conversion from traffic acquired through SEO. We use effective methods that increase conversion. We systematically send CRO recommendations, i.e. suggested actions that may increase the conversion rate on your website.


Analysis and audit
activities to date, website, CRO recommendations.

Valuable links 
to help your online shop rise in the search results.

Conversion-oriented SEO
so that you only gain valuable traffic that will positively impact your bottom line.

Transparent pricing
which includes a fixed management fee and a budget for content creation and link acquisition. We do not charge for search engine positions achieved.

Professional content
which will appear on your website and on external services.

Flexible operations
tailored to your online shop. For each customer, we create an individual strategy tailored to the current position in the search engine.

Continuous optimisation
and analysis of key indicators so that we can deliver better results for you every month.

Monthly reports
valuable data, comparisons with previous periods, discussion of results and conclusions.



    At the beginning we talk with the client about expectations towards cooperation and the planned effects of positioning. Then we agree on the forms of communication, project team and conditions of cooperation.

    We also ask about previous SEO activities. If any, we discuss their effects. The information we gather is used to create a tailored SEO strategy that simultaneously raises the domain’s position in the search engine and increases conversions.


    We conduct a thorough analysis of the site and decide on the priority of action. Example? If the website has no content or it is not optimised for SEO, we should focus on it first. Then, we work on linking in the following month, as only such a strategy will bring the expected results.

    We work strategically in a set order on page code, content, linking and conversion optimisation. Only when these four elements are properly developed do we begin to work comprehensively on all areas. Why? Even the most well-thought-out link-building will not help if the website code is not adapted to search engines. Only with the right sequence of actions will you see your website high up in Google.


    It is time to choose keywords for which we will position the online shop, i.e. increase its position in search results. While making decisions we use various tools, algorithms and proven calculation activities. They help us divide phrases into “difficult”, “medium” and “easy”.

    We start SEO activities from phrases with low competition. Then, we move on to more and more competitive ones. This allows for better results and gradual building of brand popularity.


    When everything is ready, we can get down to business. Depending on the client’s needs, we write content, prepare recommendations for technical implementation (or implement them), acquire links and actively participate in the CRO process (along with UX). We constantly analyse the results in order to achieve the best possible effects.

    Each project is supervised by an expert together with a project manager and other members of the SEO department (e.g. copywriters, programmers). The specialists complement each other perfectly and constantly monitor campaign results. At the same time, we are in constant communication with the client.


    After each month of cooperation we send detailed reports on the activities carried out and the results achieved. We return with real data, presented in the form of a detailed but accessible report.

    All this is done in order to make further actions even better and to bring more spectacular effects.


In Space Ads, the recommended billing method is:

  • agency’s fee for SEO activities conducted on behalf of the client,
  • SEO budget needed for buying links, creating backlinks, SEO content.

For this reason our clients know exactly how much our services cost and how much we spend on buying links.

We offer a contract for an indefinite period with a 30-day notice period effective at the end of the month. For larger projects requiring complex team involvement, the notice period increases to 3 months. We are also open to non-standard provisions and predetermined periods of time. We prefer to tie our clients down with cosmic results and smooth cooperation rather than long-term contracts.


SEO service in Space Ads is not only professional activities that actually increase sales. It is also partnership cooperation based on transparency, honesty and communication.

We always present real, expected effects of cooperation to our clients. We settle on the basis of a clear price list, which includes remuneration for the agency and the budget for creating content and acquiring links. We do not charge additional fees for achieved search engine positions and the pricing of cooperation depends solely on the scope of planned activities.

Do you have a question? You can ask them at any time via e-mail, phone or Slack. We give priority to messages from our clients, so you will receive an answer in the speed of light.

What do you think? Will we become partners?