SEO – positioning

Make sure, you are no. 1 in the search engine!

How to make website was on top of the search engine? Is the first position reserved only for the biggest players on the market? We are very often asked about it by people, who see the need to position themselves in Google, but do not know exactly what to do to achieve satisfactory results.

The high position in Google’s results is a consequence of many regularly conducted activities. What matters most is the content – high-quality and properly optimized.
What does it mean? Each text you write for a website should contain keywords and an appropriate structure. About the fact that the content must be unique, we don’t even have to write, right? :)
It is not only the quality that counts, but also the quantity of content. As they say – “content is a king“.

How do we work?

At Space Ads, our copywriters do their best to provide you with interesting, valuable and accessible texts. Those that will be “friendly” to both search engines and your potential customers.

Properly selected keywords, which should be in the right places on your website, will certainly help in finding your content. We are aware of the fact that this may sound fairly enigmatic (and complicated). Thanks to our many years of experience and access to the most modern software, we are able to significantly raise the position of your website.

If you run a store, pay special attention to the descriptions of your products. Did you know that inappropriate content or the lack of it, is the bane of most online stores? We also describe product categories and individual products. All this so that you can enjoy a high position in Google.

SEO activities are, of course, not only content marketing. They also include the quantity and quality of external and internal links. We make sure, that the links leading to your website come from reliable sources. References within the website are also very important in the context of positioning.

Link-building is an inherent operation of any website positioning strategy. Search engines treat links to your site as signals that say “Hey, there’s something of value here!” In the case of positions on the most desirable phrases, there is no chance of breaking out without a properly thought-out linking strategy.

Website responsiveness also has a significant impact on the positioning of the website. It must be adapted to both computers and mobile devices. All this is connected with the UX (user experience), the user experience side. Remember, that even the best positioned website must have clear navigation and be intuitive. Otherwise, UU (unique users), despite the high position of the website, will not make the transaction.