How we help trigger interest among users through effective SMS Marketing


Is there anyone who doesn’t open incoming SMS? According to many sources, their OR (open rate) is between 94 and 99%. If you also want offers or promotions to become widespread, think about SMS marketing campaigns.


Currently, there are several possibilities for configuration and personalization. It is often difficult to decide on a particular option. SPACE ADSeCommerce Marketing Agency not only provides consulting services, but also prepares comprehensive SMS marketing strategies. With respect to SMS marketing, we offer complete services.


We work extensively on preparation of a campaign before an SMS reaches out to a customer. In course of such prep work, we always make a diagnosis of client’s needs at the beginning in order to deliver solutions that will best match their needs. Every campaign we run is tailor made and fully individualized. After talking about expectations, we move on to customizing the type of message, evaluation of target audience and focus on content creation. There are basic (sent from a “normal” number) and advanced (signed with the company / brand name) text messages. They can be completely personalized for every customer. While creating content for the message we evaluate the target audience at first.


Are they supposed to be people from a specific age group, with specific interests, or do they belong to the VIP category of clients? These factors determine the type of campaign and the kind of content which the message should showcase. We do everything to make our clients’ messages stand out from other marketing messages. This is the secret for campaign success – being remembered.


Working with SPACE ADSeCommerce Marketing Agency, you no longer have to worry about your budget while choosing advertising channels. We deal with the campaign at every stage. We start by determining the client’s needs, then analyze the market, plan the details of the campaign and determine the group of its recipients. Next, we implement the established assumptions; monitor partial results on an ongoing basis, and as we complete everything, we present the final report.


SMS marketing is a highly effective way to reach a wider base. As Technology is progressing, Smartphones are undergoing changes and a greater number of people are using these devices to communicate. Hence the importance of SMS campaigns is turning greater than ever. The more the OR ratio, the higher will be the CTR (click through rate). Contact us for superior grade services.


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