Social Media Management

Social media management focused on results!

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are media where your customers spend up to several hours a day. By conducting thoughtful communication, you can reach them and make them love your brand.

The theory sounds great, right? In Space Ads we know how to turn it into effective actions.

For our clients we create social media posts that encourage discussion. We make sure that all the content is consistent with the brand. We focus on original content that stands out from the crowd of competitors.


42% of users use Facebook,
17% of users have an account on Instagram
16% of users follow statements made on Twitter,
50% of users watch videos on YouTube,
5% of users have installed TikTok.

A social media presence is not mandatory. But can you afford to ignore such powerful communication channels?

When your brand isn’t on social media, you’re missing out:

  • show yourself to users who spend an average of 2.5 hours a day there,
  • build customer loyalty,
  • reach new people interested in your products and thus increase sales,
  • gain contacts who will become regular customers in the future,
  • building brand recognition and a positive brand image,
  • initiate engaging discussions that cannot be ignored.

Social Media for the Most Demanding

Only effective social media management!

If you want to achieve your performance marketing goals and:

❌ don’t want to bounce through the doors of yet another agency that “knows it all”,

❌ you’re tired of specialists who “in 3 easy steps” will tell you how to solve every problem,

❌ you don’t believe in assurances: “I’ve acquired clients in a different industry, so I can easily meet targets in your business too”…

… check out the offer of an agency that specialises in result-oriented marketing!

With Space Ads you can be sure that:

✅ we have experience in your industry,

✅ even before starting cooperation we are able to tell you which actions are most likely to work in your company

✅ we know and use the latest tools, which enable us to achieve high effects of advertising campaigns

✅ we have ready-made procedures that we adapt to our cooperation, therefore we efficiently take over marketing activities of even large brands

✅ we know what to ask and how to conduct cooperation in order to implement campaigns without ineffective conversations and wasting your time.

Commission Space Ads experts to run profiles on Facebook, Instagram and other social media:

  • you can be sure that all activities are based on a well-thought-out strategy,
  • you do not have to worry about the creative content, adapted to the mission and character of your brand – you get it all as part of the service,
  • you observe the increasing engagement of fans of your brand,
  • you are sure that only quality observers who are interested in your products gather around your profiles
  • you have full control over your brand – all content is sent to you for approval,
    comments and messages from fans will never remain unanswered,
  • your brand profile will be active even 24 hours a day…

…and you will be able to focus on other tasks in your company, which are certainly not lacking.



    The most popular social network that gathers millions of users. This makes it ideal for both B2B and B2C brands. Here we successfully implement image and sales goals. We create competitions, promote events, moderate groups, conduct live broadcasts and increase the number of visits to your website. We support organic activities with paid campaigns, which make brand profiles grow even faster.


    A service created to share photos and short recordings. Its benefits are appreciated by both product and service brands. A great place to show before-and-after effects, which are among the most viewed materials. Educators are also actively selling on Instagram. As with Facebook, we recommend our clients to combine organic activities with paid campaigns.


    Until a few months ago, one of the most underrated social media platforms. The application that allows you to record short videos has long been considered a place for entertainment only. Today, marketers invest thousands of zlotys to get noticed on TikTok. The platform is actively used even by people 35+, so we recommend our clients to use its potential. There is still a lot of space for new brands in the service. This is the best moment to join it.


    A social platform designed for B2B. If you offer your products to business customers, there is no better place to build an engaging profile for your brand. The platform enables both organic and paid activities. It is also a great place to achieve employer-branding goals. Thoughtful and consistent communication will attract valuable employees to your company.


    A specific social network, thanks to which your brand can discuss even with a head of state. You can reach a wide range of potential customers with your factual and brilliant posts. It is the perfect medium for image purposes.


    We can display ads for your brand on YouTube. But not only! Your own channel is one of the most engaging methods of promotion. Successful businesses on this platform create educational or entertaining videos related to their industry. If you include your brand placement in valuable material, you may see better results than after many an advertising campaign.

Within the framework of cooperation

Analysis and audit
social media profiles, activities to date, CRO recommendations.

Engaging discussions on your Social Media
which will build a strong bond between the brand and its customers.

Eye-catching graphic creations
for effective use in social media.

Success measured by conversion value
and the real profit of your brand, not just the number of reactions under your posts.

Flexible scope of activities
depending on your needs – adding posts, moderating discussions, replying to messages or selected ones.

Dynamic UTM 
for tracking campaign results in other advertising systems, e.g. Google Analytics.

Enhanced strategy
including brand analysis, customer needs and competition.

Real Time Marketing
which are posts relating to the latest national and world events that are being talked about on the Internet.

Creative and professional content
that will engage your audience and make your brand memorable.

Transparent pricing
dependent on the number of posts, stories and the range of moderation hours.

Monthly reports
valuable data, comparisons with previous periods, discussion of results and presentation of conclusions.

Permanent account manager
and a team of at least one expert, copywriters and graphic designers to keep your brand account active 24 hours a day.



    Together we define the goal that the brand will pursue in social media. It usually depends on the industry and your expectations, e.g. image-related, sales-related. Clarifying expectations at the very beginning of our cooperation allows us to measure effects of actions and test new solutions. Thanks to this, your brand may constantly develop.


    We verify previous activities and their effects and audit all social media profiles. On the basis of the analysis, we draw conclusions. Then, we prepare a comprehensive communication strategy.


    We create a communication plan that is designed to meet specific objectives, generate discussion and build engagement around the brand. Thanks to this you can be sure that the image of your brand in social media is consistent.


    Our team, consisting of copywriters, graphic designers and experts, creates the finished posts. We then submit them for approval. After approval, we plan and publish the posts within the agreed deadlines.


    We create engaging posts that spark discussion. We talk to your brand followers. We ask questions and answer them ourselves. No comment or private message goes unanswered.


    We present the effects of social media communication in the form of detailed and understandable reports. We consult with the client whether the chosen direction is the right one. We also suggest additional actions that will accelerate the achievement of goals.

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Space Ads - wygrana w rankingach na najlepszą agencję reklamową

Social media success starts with understanding your brand. That’s why before we start working together, we spend many hours to learn as much as possible about your business and design an effective communication strategy.

On its basis we create posts tailored to your and your customers’ expectations. This is the only way to achieve an effect which will lead to a real conversion, i.e. sales and company growth.

Find out that you can create a loyal and engaged community around any industry. There are no better brand ambassadors than fans on Facebook, followers on Instagram and observers in other social media.

When you work with the Space Ads crew, you benefit from all of our team’s knowledge and experience in marketing, advertising, sales, content and analytics, not just one person – a big advantage of working with our crew of experts.

See what those who already get great results with Facebook Ads think of working with us!