Professional Social Media Marketing

Take care of the image and popularity of your brand!

“If you’re not on FB – you don’t exist!”
You’ve probably heard that somewhere, right? This sentence is repeated like a mantra by experts, who deal with social media on a daily basis. No wonder – there is a lot of truth to it!


Presence in Social Media is a very important factor that your potential customers pay attention to. Facebook and Instagram are two portals, which not only worth it, even what you need to be and act! We recognize that posting, selecting graphics and responding to comments can be problematic as they take a long time.

That is why, it is sometimes worth giving your social media profiles in the best hands and looking at the increasing conversion from these communication channels yourself!

At SPACE ADS we approach comprehensive profiles on social media professionally and personally.

Before we start co-operating, we always create an extensive offer at first. It includes not only the analysis of customer needs, but also proposal of specific actions (along with sample creations).

We will reveal the secret of how we work for you so that you can have your faith on us. We will handle your social media marketing in subtle and effective ways. Your peace of mind is most important to us, so we keep you informed every time we seek a new measure for enhancing your visibility.

At least two experts work on each project – thanks to this, we are able to closely cooperate with the client and be always at his disposal.

How do we work?

Keeping profiles on social media involves a series of activities that we undertake in a professional way. We create a schedule of activities; propose topics and content for posts along with graphics, to help trigger response and initiate discussions. We don’t leave any question unanswered! Is something important happening? We react to the latest events from the country and the world, creating real time marketing creations. We don’t just wait for your suggestions – we take the initiative ourselves, because we want your profile to “live” 24 hours a day.

  • STAGE 1

    Badamy stan faktyczny

    We investigate the current situation
    We verify the activities carried out so far and their effects, we audit all profiles on social media.

  • STAGE 2

    We define goals

    We define goals
    Depending on the industry and expectations, the presence in social media may have different goals – e.g. image or sales. You can of course combine goals in different proportions.

    STAGE 2

  • STAGE 3

    We create a communication plan

    We create a communication plan
    Based on the previous stages, we create a post schedule and discuss it with the client.

  • STAGE 4

    We prepare and plan content and graphics

    We prepare and plan content and graphics
    Our copywriters, graphic designers and Social Media experts in the team create content – taking into account all events in the company, in the world and in the country.

    STAGE 4

  • STAGE 5

    We create and moderate discussions

    We create and moderate discussions
    We do not leave any questions unanswered, thanks to which the organic ranges shoot up!

  • STAGE 6

    We report the results

    We report the results
    We present the effects of professional communication in social media in detailed reports.

    STAGE 6

Our graphic designers, copywriters and social media experts will work together for the success of your brand.

We are aware of the fact that only comprehensive, multi-channel activities will allow us to achieve the expected synergy effect. The effect followed by real conversion, i.e. – most often – sales and company development.

Find out, that you can create a loyal and committed community around each industry. There are no better brand ambassadors than Facebook fans and Instagram followers.