Social Media


“You’re not on FB – you don’t exist!” You’ve probably heard that somewhere, right? Presence in social media is a very important factor that your potential customers pay attention to. FB, IG are two portals on which it is not so much worth, as it is even necessary to be and act! We are aware of the fact that creating posts, choosing images and reacting to comments can be problematic because they take a long time. Therefore, sometimes it is worth putting your SM in the best hands, and look at the increasing conversion from these communication channels yourself!


At SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency we approach comprehensive profiles professionally and professionally. Before we start cooperation, we always create a very extensive offer first. It includes not only the analysis of customer needs, but also proposal of specific actions (along with sample creations). We will reveal the secret of how we work to you – all this so that you do not worry if we can handle your SM. Your peace of mind is most important to us – after all, when delegating tasks, it often spends the biggest night’s sleep!


Keeping profiles in social media is a series of activities that we undertake in a professional and professional manner. We create a schedule of activities, propose topics and content of posts – of course, along with graphics, and also trigger and moderate discussions. We don’t leave any questions unanswered! Is something important happening? We react to the latest events from the country and the world, creating real time marketing creations. We don’t just wait for your suggestions – we take the initiative ourselves, because we want your profile to “live” 24 hours a day.


Our graphic designers, copywriters and experts in the field of FB Ads work together for the success of your profiles in SM. We are well aware of the fact that only comprehensive, multi-channel operations will allow you to achieve the synergy effect you expect. The effect followed by real conversion, that is – most often – sales and development of the company. See for yourself that a loyal and committed community can be created around every industry. There are no better brand ambassadors like fans on FB and followers on IG. Do you want to find out? We invite you to contact us, and we will get to know your company and industry with the greatest pleasure, preparing a personalized offer for SM service.