Create a new definition with storytelling


“Creating history” the best sales phrases are characterized by a non-selling attitude. Storytelling is an effective way to encourage customers into buying products and services. Advertising campaigns with an interesting story line are well received than those that only “inform”. Consumers are today more and more demanding and expect marketing content not only to be of high quality but engaging as well. They want to be surprised and delighted at every turn. “Standard” is definitely not enough for them.


Storytelling is important. Where do we get inspiration for texts for our clients? We like to get into the flow of story-telling with interesting yet engaging topics. The stories are described like they have happened in reality. Skillful narration is fundamental. We always start with a conversation and the fact that we know who we are writing for makes the texts much more authentic; as they should be.


We believe emotions govern human behavior. Sometimes we laugh at a good copywriter for being a psychoanalyst. Note that the story does not always have to end with a happy ending and it. Sometimes, the story may even not mention anything about a brand or company name. Why? Such approach only makes the script more engaging.


Storytelling is not just about written texts. It entirely depends on advertising campaigns under a certain circumstance. First, we outline the whole story, create protagonists (if any), their adventure, and then we plan individual actions. Sometimes, however, after the first text, it turns out that it is worth “to create” an advertising campaign on social media, a website banner or a series of posts on FB and IG.


The greatest value is when our stories begin to live their own lives as they become viral on the Web.


Let’s create a story together!


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