Creating history … currently, the best sales texts are characterized by the fact that … they don’t sell anything. This story, which is contained in them, encourages to buy products or services. Advertising campaigns with an interesting storyline are definitely better received than those that only “inform”. Consumers are today more and more demanding and expect marketing content not of high but of the highest quality. They want to be surprised and delighted at every turn. “Standard” is definitely not enough for them.

Storytelling … Where do we get inspiration for texts for our clients at SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency? One would like to write – “from life”, but this is probably too enigmatic explanation. It is often the case that these stories already exist to some extent, you only need to reach them and describe them skilfully. Here a lot depends on how much someone lets us know each other. We always start with a conversation and the fact that we know who we are writing for makes the texts much more authentic. As they should be …

… because emotions govern human behavior. Sometimes we laugh that a good copywriter should also be a psychoanalyst. Note that the story does not always have to end with a happy ending and it is often thanks to this that it is remembered. It happens that the text does not even contain the brand or company name. Why? The emotions of waiting for more content will be even greater …

Storytelling is not just written texts. It is also entire advertising campaigns in a specific climate. First, we outline the whole story, “build” its heroes (if any), their adventures, and then we plan individual actions. Of course, if you only need content for a website – no problem. Sometimes, however, after the first text, it turns out that it is worth “to create” an advertising campaign on social media, a website banner or a series of posts on FB and IG.

The greatest value is when our stories begin to live their own lives and navigate the Web as viral at the speed of light.

Let’s create a story together!