Landing Page: a powerful instrument to drive conversions

It’s not that easy to lure visitors to your website unless you have some really effective strategies up your sleeves. Driving traffic is basically about convincing people into dropping by while also keeping them engaged at the same time with attractive content. Initially this task can be accomplished with a really attractive landing page. As you have always known the fact that a good presentation drives interest, in the same way a well designed landing page makes way for traffic.

In order for your website’s landing page to stand out it’s important for you to work on the different elements that are necessary for creating an appealing outlook. Firstly set your goals straight. It’s better if you still name them as landing page objectives. Like for example form length is essential in designing the landing page and there can be both long and short forms. The form length you choose will determine whether you want lower rate of high-end form submissions or larger number of low quality submissions.

Varying combination to suit different designs

Of course, there are different combinations to work on and the statistics may vary from one landing page to the other. What fits best for a particular business website may not find place on landing page of a different site. There are some permutations and combinations involved which need to be handled with care. On the contrary, seeing the success of a certain landing page you may get too inspired and might as well think of laying your hands on it, since you are too eager to create a smash-hit for your own website.

Let the landing page do the job for your business

The more leads your website generates, the greater is the revenue. You must be wondering how an appealing landing page works. So, here are ways how a landing page may boost business for you.

Grabbing leads for you: well! That’s what you have been waiting to hear for a while, isn’t it so? When you have a landing page that’s as attractive as a dame, visitors will automatically try to get onto your site and if you are lucky, these visits may turn into potential leads. To add an edge to your online presence include images, downloadable content and allow users to get pop up messages when they start to scroll. You can also simply add a sign-up form for higher conversions. Built-in forms too will help capture leads.

Mobility: The desktop view is great and it will be even better when you get a design for mobile views. The more you optimize the page the greater will you gain from mobile conversions.

Set a countdown timer: If you want to boost the conversion rates include the countdown timer. It triggers excitement and urgency prompting visitors to seek action.

Analytics: What are your page insights? Do you know where to improve upon? Use Analytics to make your landing page attractive enough to drive traffic. Allow it to reach out to the correct target base and there you will be shining amidst a crowd of contenders.

Google Hotel Ads, an effective roll-out for hotel owners

Today’s ad campaigns are more dynamic than ever. Think of Hotel ads. Remember, you had booked hotel rooms on a trip last summer? How did go about it? Of course it was Google, your one and only friend when you are in need of anything. So how does it happen? If you are thinking that booking a hotel on Google is something extraordinary, there are millions of people who look up the search engine to get results. Hotel booking over the internet is commonplace nowadays.

The truth

However, the competition is cut-throat these days. Pulling up ranks by organic means is even tougher. Besides, it’s almost of no use to implement the basic search ad tools. People are no longer interested to go through normal advertisements. Thanks to Google Hotel Ads, it is helping businessmen accomplish major goals, with its extraordinary features.

Want to know more about Google Hotel Campaigns?  

While most other ad campaigns work on basic principles, Google Hotel Ads are slightly different. It’s simple! When you are targeting a query with any search network ad, the results show up immediately. However it’s hard to tell if an ad is really working when there are no click-through even after it is being shown on search listings.

Besides, you will not find any button that will help you determine if a certain search result is an ad.  Believe it or not, but these are organic results which should ideally work for hotel owners. Meanwhile Google Hotel ads show some major differences. They have ad buttons from where viewers can check rooms and their availability and finally go ahead with the booking.

A dynamic way of pulling the user base

No matter if a certain viewer is looking for a generic search or branded search, hotel ads will pop-up with an instant compelling approach to convert the search. Studies prove that Google Hotel Ads generate whopping results. Some hotels have experienced a substantial surge in conversion rates say about 13% and more, which eventually added to a huge improvement in their ROIs. The returns are always higher with Google Hotel Ads.

Why Google Hotel Ads are preferred over search network ads?

Hotel business is complex unless you know what the right tricks really are. It’s understandable that PPC ads demand minimum investment and are simple to create. What is not that simple enough is the fact that your hotel needs to be shown properly in an advertisement. Most basic search network ads showcase texts which can be created in a few minutes. An easy method such as this, however may fail to stand up to your expectations. Basic ads reap moderate results which are not quite appealing, especially when you want to fight against the odds of competition prevailing in the market. If you want to make it big, think of something which will be a major breakthrough for your business, think of Google Hotel Ads.

What is even more interesting is the fact that Google’s new tool is not bound by limited space. Though, search network ads are easier to create, they don’t reap as much results as expected. Google Hotel Ads on the other hand convince people to purchase a stay. They contain relevant information pertaining to images, location and reviews of the hotel, which people tend to be interested in. They are more than any basic text advertisement.

SKAG – A Fundamental Strategy for Generating Overwhelming PPC ROI

SKAG’s are in trend right now. They are everywhere and PPC communities have identified them as one of the most profitable strategies delivering consistent outcomes. There are few reasons justifying the popularity of SKAG in the digital marketing arena.

SKAG the new kid

SKAG is a relatively new approach in the PPC market and it stands for Single Keyword Ad Group. Today, this Google Ads strategy is reaping luring results with greater number of “click-throughs”; thus improving quality scores. SKAG is highly strategic and result based, providing insight into how you will make money out of it.

Over multiple times it has been proven that SKAG is a super power. It gives the digital marketer more hold over his Ads account. It’s highly functional and is known to deliver outstanding results. If you are concerned about your PPC results, you have certainly hit the bull’s eye.

What makes SKAG, the super element boosting PPC results?

Whether you admit or not, PPC involves a lot of risk. The biggest risk is when you burn most of your ad budget on non-yielding traffic. Since SKAG gives you more control over your Google Ads account, there is no denying the fact that SKAG will cover all your PPC insecurities. The best part is that SKAGs are not only meant for Google Ads, they can be put to work in accordance with some of the most popular social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Also, SKAGs are good to go with when you are considering display networks. Some marketers are of the opinion that Single Keyword Ad Group works best with display networks, so much so that the duo can bring insanely overwhelming results.

Why do we use SKAG?

When looking up for strategies that will give relevant traffic while not exhausting your budget, you may just as well think of settling for SKAG. Not only will it boost conversions but help in generating outstanding profits. The biggest fear of investing in PPC tricks failing to draw convertible traffic can now be overcome with Single Keyword Ad Group. When you conjoin your PPC strategies with SKAG you see more conversions coming in. As a marketer you will want every click to work for you and this is exactly where the role of SKAG steps in.

SKAG entails the use of a targeted keyword for every ad group. The tightly focussed strategy is vital for the Google Ads account. The ad group targets audience with ads which look more relevant to them. Hence, this will boost your metrics and help your business get noticed in no time. With the help of SKAG you can target only one search term which makes it easier to catch attention of users who are looking for the same search term or something relevant.

The main objective of bringing SKAG into the picture is to curtail on discrepancies arising between:

  • Search term and keyword
  • Keyword and ad
  • Ad and landing page

If you are targeting generalised keywords depending on a broader match, the ads and landing pages show up against too many key terms. SKAG has evolved to streamline this step and create a unique user experience. It helps improve ad relevance.

Google Display Network, the new age tool to keep your target base growing and intact

Are you worried if you have access to the right target base? If this seems to be a problem for you, Google has an answer. It has come up with a highly functional platform otherwise known as the Google Display Network. With the GDN you can reach out to the people you want to and get an idea of what they may be looking for. Every time a person visits a website or watches a video over some social media platform you will be notified. That’s not just it. The Google Display Network will help you get their Gmail id.

Why Google Display Network has been set up

Among the many roll outs over the past decade, the Google Display Network seems like a bonus for marketers. It is designed so that businesses have the access to the right kind of people. Also, the GDN is empowered with features that particularly show your advertising intent or message to people who might be interested in such ads. So, if you are really thinking of whom to show your products, Google will give you an edge over others with its Display Network. Now, your products will come to the limelight. Also, it’s the best tool to take over a prospective base. You may still want this to be elaborated.

Here is how:

  • Finding new customers and engaging them while also keeping existing customers glued to your brand. Well! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Having idea about people who will be interested to purchase your products will require you to know your, in-market audience. If you want to re-engage the people who used to previously visit your website or used to purchase your products earlier then Google Display Network is the perfect platform to bet on.
  • Then, there is about driving traffic and conversions. These tasks are done alone by GDN on automation. The automated system helps you achieve greater conversion rates. How? Well! GDN is a highly optimised tool which will actually lead you towards audiences who are actual buyers. The high performing audience can be tracked based on the existing customer base you have achieved and the landing page of your website. This automated optimising impact can help Google Ads derive the actual facts and figures that look promising for your business.

The benevolent Google Display Network

Do you want to keep your users or visitors engaged? Google Display Network will help you with it by using various attractive ad formats. Few types of ads which can be run on GDN are as follows:

  • Responsive Display ads
  • Uploaded Image ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Engagement ads

Do you want to engage your visitors to a level where they are convinced to enter the buying cycle, GDN will help you. It keeps a visitor glued to your website and products where they are actually driven towards a buy. It works somewhat like this, where you put your ad in front of a customer, even before he/she has put the keyword on the search bar. This makes everything easier.