Magnetic Marketing Strategy pulls customers towards business, instantly

Have you ever thought if your business could be a magnet? Today’s responsive marketing techniques are taking businesses to a new level of accomplishment. The magnetic marketing practice attracts or pulls the customer base towards a business. This is otherwise referred to as an “attraction-based” marketing practice and is especially implemented for capturing attention and turning every prospective customer into a buyer.

Magnetic marketing strategy involves the use of following:

  • Writing high traffic generating articles
  • Developing informative and content-rich videos
  • Conducting targeted events

The 3 elementary components involved in magnetic marketing

Want to know what all magnetic marketing includes? It includes SEO, email marketing, influencer outreach, content creation and lead nurturing. Digital marketers are increasingly resorting to magnetic marketing with an aim to convert as much as possible. However amidst their efforts to implement such fast growing tactics and trying to achieve desired results, most marketers are failing on their targets. Marketers are losing their focus because of this complex and hurried marketplace scenario.

In order to make your marketing strategies work there are 3 elementary aspects that will help you attain the following:

  • Pleasing customers
  • Identifying prospects
  • Achieving goals through a realistic practice

Defining your persona:

Tricks and tactics that will annoy your customers are a big no. Your first step should be to understand the vital aspects that will convince customers into clicking links, ticking or encouraging them to buy something. Understand your customers’ behavior and thoughts before planning for this marketing strategy. Magnetic marketing is a lot about your skill to analyse customer behavior and needs. Develop your core persona; this will help get an idea of what customers actually want from your business. The personas are developed based on various user research and user needs. They help gain a behavioral pattern for the business’s target audience. Your planning process may include creation of blogs, planning email campaigns and executing keyword research. When you develop a core persona it becomes easier to determine your business goals. It provides real insight into which is important when it comes to implementing magnetic marketing strategy.

Understand the trigger factors of your customer base: Try to identify where and how customers respond to your business messages. Identify problems customers face in their daily life while trying to search for your line of products or services. Such powerful insight will help you address customer pain point in a smoother way. It takes both reasoning and emotion to understand what customers go through while choosing and buying a product. This is a real solution which can be conceptualised with the help of a business persona.

Setting your marketing goals and defining your content strategy:

There are different objectives of magnetic marketing and it is important for you to decide the particular goal which you want to accomplish with the help of such marketing practice. Under majority of instances magnetic marketing is used to achieve both DM (digital marketing objectives) as well as business goals. When your aim is to generate leads, you can use inbound digital marketing plan which solely revolves around lead generation; furthermore this will support overall lead generation and increase ROIs for your business. Since content marketing is today’s core strategy to drive users to a website and then lead them to buy products under your company label, it is important for you to create content marketing strategy that will boost magnetic marketing practice.

Why email marketing has gotten into mainstream marketing strategies

Email marketing is a simple approach promising effective results to those seeking measures for greater ROI. The Digital technique of gaining mass attention involves low cost and yet reaps unexpected results. It entails sending emails to a potential base, with a crisp commercial message that will directly draw attention of people. Also, when it comes to retaining customers, the role of electronic mailing cannot be overruled.

Today’s technology is ushering in changes into email marketing, thereby allowing businesses to make the most out of customised templates. With this it becomes easier to target the customer base since the body of the content will only comprise information considered relevant for a set group of people. Modern times have triggered diversification and hence emailing software programs are designed with responsive features to fit around any screen size.

When it comes to brand promotion, don’t hesitate to execute email marketing as a fundamental strategy

Whether it’s about convincing a reader, selling a product or just promoting a message or a launch, emails can work wonders.

Reads into leads

The economical move can not only help catch attention but can go on to the extent of promoting your brand, or converting reads into leads. Today, software systems are developed to create dynamic templates, which go best with a particular brand or product/service. Perhaps you don’t even know how strongly a simple Happy Birthday message, can caste an impact on the mind of readers.

Engaging readers

Sometimes an email can grab attention of potential subscribers, even when they have the least intention to go through the body of the mail before opening the same.


Also notifying customers on a recent launch, a sale, or an impressive deal, becomes simpler with a well crafted email. Sometimes it becomes a real tough job to get your message across unless you have a decent and catchy mail to send. Notifications can be well sent through mails. A message sent by you will trigger an alert.

Some of the software systems which promise to create emails for you are easier to use and allow the user to deliver messages on different brand fonts.

Do you think email marketing will reap you desired results?

If you are eager to communicate with your target base or have something to sell, just email. It’s the most cost-effective tool to grab attention. To gain attention of the mass most brands use emails as a primary mode to convey their message to the customer base. With an increasing number of shoppers tuning to the online mode, it becomes fairly easier to attract them through emails. When shoppers receive mails from their favourite brands, their obvious reaction would be to open them and go through the body of the mail.

The question is how to stay different because your target audience may have been flooded with useful or useless mails. Hence the use of special tools or software technologies comes into play.

Some brand owners or business owners may consider buying an email list. This is however proven to be an unproductive strategy. This can further seem detrimental for your brand as the emails entering the address of users may actually be flagged as spam. Hence, it is essential that you maintain your reputation and abide by the basic anti-spam rules.