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    TikTok Ads – Benefits of a TikTok campaign

    The popularity of TikTok is only continuing to grow, and nothing is currently indicating that this trend is about to change any time soon. In fact, TikTok is one of the most popular mobile applications internationally! Take a look at some of the arguments below; you might just find they encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity and begin advertising on this portal!

    Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on TikTok!

    More than 60% of TikTok users are in Generation Z (born after 1995)!

    By 2023, the number of users is expected to be over 2 billion!

    TikTok’s key strength is that it quickly learns its users’ preferences and suggests relevant content!

    With our support, you can achieve the following campaign objectives on TikTok:

    1. Outreach – the more people who see your ad, the better. Without online visibility these days, it’s hard to see success in any industry! Check out further what we do to reach the most valuable group of recipients.
    2. Traffic – we ensure that as many people as possible visit your website; moreover, we also strive to help you gain the highest possible conversion rate. Therefore, we consciously optimise TikTok Ads campaigns.
    3. App installation – promoting your app on TikTok is a campaign objective that often results in new customer acquisition. We work to bring in the most valuable customers by optimising campaigns for value.
    4. Video views – we optimise ads on TikTok in such a way that we maximise the number of plays of your video ad. Other targets do not offer optimisation for impressions, however, they do serve video ads.
    5. Lead generation – the process of acquiring the relevant contact details of your potential customers. After all, each lead is a person who may soon result in new conversions and sales!
    6. Conversions – this objective serves to increase the number of valuable actions. An example of a conversion could be registering on a website or purchasing a service or product – whatever your business is aiming for!

    TikTok understands the needs of young users. With the ad support we can offer, you will build a virtual relationship with your customers that will become the basis of your business’s success. By fulfilling the aforementioned goals of a great TikTok Ads campaign, you can attract a rapidly growing customer segment to your company!

    Advertisements on TikTok – how we promote your brand

    We use a simple form of TikTok Ads and precisely target them to individuals who have similar interests, demographics, and other key variables. As a result, we also reach non-standard audiences that you might not have expected. The format described works on an auction system. As such, we can decide whether the best billing method for your needs is: CPM, oCPM, CPC, CPV, or oCPC. We always strive to make decisions that will be the most profitable for our clients.

    Advertising with TikTok Ads

    Available billing models

    • CPM (cost per mille) – a billing model whereby the advertiser pays for every 1000 impressions of the advertisement. In this case, the system displays advertisements in such a way as to reach the maximum number of recipients.
    • oCPM (optimised cost per mille) – the system displays advertisements to users who are more likely to take the desired action.
    • CPC (cost per click) – a model through which the business owner pays for each click on an advertisement. This works analogously to other advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads.
    • oCPC (optimised cost per click) – optimised cost per click, the rate for a click on an advertisement is also selected on the basis of who clicked on the advertisement (traffic quality). The system displays ads in such a way as to reach users who are most likely to convert.
    • CPV (cost per view) – in this case, the advertiser pays only for the number of advertisements that are played. Advertisers can choose how much they want to pay for every 1000 impressions of 6-second or 2-second material. Here, the targeting principle works similarly to Facebook Ads. Criteria such as demographics and interests are important to the advertising platform when deciding on who should view your advert. Luckily, we have extensive experience collecting user information for remarketing campaigns.

    TikTok Ads – Pixel: Activity tracker

    As with our Facebook Ads, we use Pixel to create perfectly targeted ads on TikTok. This allows us to gather remarketing groups perfectly. Pixel is a measurement tool that tracks how ads affect your website; thanks to it, we can:

    • monitor conversion;
    • observe user activity; and
    • find the right audience for your ads.


    TikTok Ads – creative

    Collaborations with influencers are of great value to business owners who advertise on TikTok. Therefore, we partner with influencers who are trusted by our users. We then commission them to link to our clients’ products and services.

    The Spark Ads advertising format is structured in such a way that it is possible to promote real, existing organic recordings on the channel. Spark Ads appear on the portal as an organic post under the “For You” tab.

    TopView ads are a twenty-four-hour premium format, i.e., a full-screen and clickable video ad. They last between 5 and 60 seconds and have full sound support. The creative design encourages likes and shares, comments, and follows. The price of the service is often linked to the length of the videos.

    “Hashtag challenges” involve working with the TikTok marketing team directly, allowing your ads to encourage users to share content on the portal. For example, you could record yourself dancing to a funny piece of music or performing a certain movement (e.g. a gymnastic routine). These types of posts are often published with a hashtag with the name of the company organising the challenge.

    (In-Channel Ads) – these are native ads on TikTok that are usually placed at the bottom of the portal’s organic videos or in a channel as part of a video queue. They last for a maximum of 60 seconds, but the optimal length of an ad in this format is around 15 seconds. If the ad is longer, the viewer may become bored and switch off the ad. In-Feed Ads are equipped with Call To Action buttons.

    This is the first sponsored video that appears in the feed after 5-7 videos have been shown. It guarantees the advertiser 100% visibility within twenty-four hours.

    This type of advertising uses interactive effects and 2D, 3D, and AR overlays to create the biggest impact. In addition, it allows you to place a Call To Action and QR code. This format makes use of the user’s facial expressions heavily and is primarily focused on engagement and activity among viewers. This type of animation can be activated, for example, by bodily or facial movements. Users become actively involved which makes this format attractive.

    This format is placed in the “For you” section and the ad lasts between 5 and 60 seconds. It contains sound and has an auto-play feature. This creative ad may also direct users to an internal or external link.

    The brand takeover ad appears instantly when a user opens TikTok. We can encourage the user go to an internal link or an external link further down the line.

    TikTok Ads – how we target ads

    When we create a TikTok Ads campaign, we define the following audience variables:




    Smart Phone Brand


    Operating System

    • Each time, we precisely define your target groups. In this way, we reach users who are genuinely interested in your offer.

    TikTok Ads – stages of our work

    • Setting goals and expectations

      The TikTok Ads tool works quite similarly to Facebook Ads. We have a great deal of experience and success with both the former and the latter advertising platform. At the very beginning, we talk to you and find out everything you need to know about your first advertising campaign. This way, we not only know what you care most about, but also get to know the specifics of your business.

    • Selecting the target of the advertising campaign

      Campaigns look slightly different when we want to maximise reach, traffic, video views, leads, conversions and app installs on the mobile phones of ad recipients.

      • If the goal is reach, i.e. to reach as many recipients as possible, the overriding KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is the number of ad impressions, as well as the number of people reached.
      • When the goal of the campaign is website traffic, the most important KPIs are the number of people who click on the CTA (Call To Action), as well as the number of sessions on the website.
      • If the objective is video views, the KPI is the number of video views.
      • If the aim of advertising on TikTok is to generate as many leads and conversions as possible, we use, among other things, the remarketing pixel on the client’s website. We also prepare our clients’ companies for after-sales activities.
      • When TikTok Ads aim to install apps on recipients’ phones, we specify targeting in detail so that the campaign is as effective as possible.
    • Selecting the landing page, the placements, as well as the audience and the budget

      At this point we also decide whether the campaign on TikTok should be directed to the customer’s website or to the application. In addition, we choose whether an ad on TikTok should be displayed only on the portal or whether it should appear in other applications as well as in the advertising network belonging to the TikTok social network. We also specify whether the recipients of the advertisement will be able to comment on it. If we wish to do so, we will also need to moderate the published content.

      When setting up the target group for a TikTok Ads campaign, we determine, among other things, the interests and behaviour of users. A large number of general categories allows you to reach a precisely defined group of portal users. An important role is also played by setting the budget for TikTok Ads. The minimum budget is 80 PLN net.

      Finally, all that remains is to create effective video content. In this case, we always adapt to the nature of the website, application and the client’s brand image. We use both the tools included in TikTok and our own advanced software. We cooperate with authorities from many industries, as well as with influencers.

    TikTok Ads – tips for business owners

    Remember: ads on TikTok should always be engaging clips with catchy background music. The motto of TikTok creators is “Don’t create ads, create TikToks.” As such, the ads need to be creative, unique, and have a natural feel.

    Cooperation with influencers is invaluable with TikTok marketing, often. This is essential to ensure that your campaigns are effective and easily scalable, reaching your potential customers easily.

    It is also worth relying on cooperation with authority figures. Therefore, when creating, for example, an advertisement for toothpaste, it is a good idea to include TikTok with a recording of a dentist (or a similar, trustworthy industry body).

    Conscious and clever communication is critical. After all, while making this connection, it is important to remember that young people (the majority of TikTok users) are highly sensitive to any falsehoods, as well as to material that violates their autonomy of world view in any way. It is also important that the messages across TikTok Ads remain consistent.

    On TikTok, it’s worth focusing on genuinely engaging your users. In this way, you can turn them into long-term fans. As such, when we run advertising campaigns on this portal, we base our communication on values and messages that are consistent and with which young people can identify.

    Hashtag campaigns are highly effective. Keep this in mind when thinking about increasing interest in your content and the viral spread of videos.

    Advertisements on TikTok – why choose us?

    Are you feeling sick and tired of agencies that generate costs and don’t give you measurable service results? Well, perhaps it’s time to change that! If you decide to partner with Space Ads for your ads on TikTok, you can be sure that:

    • we know the ins and outs of your industry and have experience marketing to your unique audience;
    • we will discuss thoroughly with you a marketing strategy and the most profitable actions for your brand;
    • we will use tools that allow us to achieve maximum results from our campaigns;
    • we know when and how to plan all relevant actions,
    • we approach small, medium, and large clients equally. We use ready-made procedures to organise information about advertisers, every time.

    We are here to help you achieve great results by promoting your business on TikTok. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and ensure a consistent brand image!