Web Analytics

Web analytics, as the name suggests, is primarily an analysis of data on websites and their users. This include analysis of the entire purchasing process in the online store or the behavior of visitors to your website. The basis of effective (and comprehensive) web analytics is the collection of all possible data. We need everything we need for web analytics activities from applications such as Google Analytics, HotJar, FullStory, etc. We prepare recommendations for changes based on them, and your task is to accept them, implement them and … enjoy the effects of cooperation.


E-commerce conversion, bounce rate, user experience … For a person not directly related to internet marketing and e-commerce, all this may sound quite vague. However, this is us. We will present you how it was, how it is and how it can, and even should. We will check that all scripts are installed correctly, and if not – we will help you in this. All this so that you receive full data about your site and its users. We will propose solutions that will improve your position in search engines and make your website more attractive and intuitive for its users. All this will result in a sales conversion, i.e. something that all online store owners dream of. Your customers will not only finalize the sale, but also buy more.


Most people or companies conduct web analytics based on the most known tool of this type, i.e. Google Analytics. We still use a number of other programs. Thanks to HotJar, FullStory and Matomo (formerly – Piwik) we know exactly what users do on your website and when their visit ends. The more data we have, the more in-depth analysis and recommendations.


Thanks to us you will know exactly what users are doing on your website. Based on the click map, you’ll find out what they like and what is – quite the opposite – not very intuitive and causes them to leave the site. You will receive recommendations on which way to go – what to develop and what to modify. All this so that the users of your site were fully satisfied – they achieved high user experience.


If you want your site to fully meet the users’ expectations, be transparent, intuitive and easily searchable, please contact us.