WordPress sites – bet on quality!


Easy to use, responsive and functional. These three features best define WordPress-based websites – the most famous CMS system in the world. Did you know that as many as a third of all websites use it? He was trusted even by the largest multinational corporations, which – let’s be honest – can afford any page written “from scratch”. So why just WordPress…? It’s just a system with a thousand advantages, so why make it difficult for yourself to work (and later service)?


We have been creating pages in WordPress for many years, but we have never heard from the customer that he regrets the decision to bet on this CMS system. Taking into account the multitude of plug-ins available in the so-called repository, you can see that WordPress is not a limitation, but almost unlimited possibilities to develop a web page. The same is true ofthe available motives. There are so many of them that even if you are (or you think you are) the most demanding customer, we will certainly find something for you together.


As SPACE ADS, we support customers at all stages of setting up a WordPress-based website. Even if you don’t already have a domain you’ve purchased, you can turn to us and we’ll help you and with that topic. Each of our customers is just as important and we approach each individually. If you think we’re going to implement all your ideas indiscriminately, you’re very wrong. As we want the best for you (and your business) to do our best, we also advise you on the content, graphics or usability of your site. We are very keen to feel that you have communicated the task of creating a website in WordPress to the right company and feel safe.


We mentioned at the beginning that WordPress-based sites are easy to use, functional and responsive. While the first two characteristics are quite obvious and understandable, responsiveness is often a rather problematic concept. Responsive page, or what…? WordPress-based sites look good on every device – computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. In addition, all pages in WordPress can be easily adapted to SEO requirements.


When choosing to entrust us with creating a website based on WordPress,you get a responsive website, simple to use, with intuitive navigation and optimized under SEO. You get a finished productfrom us, which you can then modify yourself or entrust it to SPACE ADS. Although WordPress-based websites are relatively easy to position, often organic activities alone are not enough. In this, too, we can support you by launching e.g. Google Ads campaign or FB Ads.


Create a side with us that is second to none!


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